We can summarize our mission in one word: Community. Meeting real needs right here in Missoula. Making a difference, one relationship at a time. And while we are committed to serving all sorts of people (regardless of creed, color, gender, or sexual orientation, etc.), we are particularly passionate about helping our seniors, because these are folks who often need community most.

We partner with over 13 agencies in Missoula who refer to us. Our official partner is Missoula Aging Services. Others include the YWCA, Hospice Of Missoula, WORD, Western Montana Mental Health Center, and Partners in Home Care. We are also members of MUD, Home Resource, and others to do this work, because working together makes the biggest impact!

Because we're a small organization, we don't have a lot of money to spend - we can't buy people cars, pay their rent, or cover medical bills. But we CAN tackle small things that make a big difference to those in need. For example, we can...

...help people maintain their homes (we can fix a leaky sink, build a fence, paint a house, plant a garden)

...help our seniors stay in their homes longer (by shoveling walks, mowing lawns, raking leaves)

...help find donated items and deliver them (like clothes for kids, supplies for the kitchen)

...help anyone experience community by pitching in and volunteering!


So that's what we do. You might also be interested in The Way We Do It.  In short, if it's a need that can be solved with a little bit of money and a handful of volunteers, we can probably help! Wondering if we could help you? Email at imaginemissoula@gmail.com!