Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Important Update from the Board of Directors

Dear Imagine Missoula Partners, Clients, and Volunteers,

Imagine Missoula would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Nina Alviar for her service to our community and the organization of Imagine Missoula for the past five years. She has been a tremendous asset to our community by serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for Imagine Missoula. The majority of our volunteers and clients have been connected specifically through her efforts. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for our community has inspired commitment from our volunteers and touched the lives of the people we are committed to helping. Through her work, we have added hundreds of volunteers to our base, made connections with many important organizations in Missoula, and met hundreds of needs in our community. She’s helped Imagine Missoula make a stunning impact in our community.

However, the board of Imagine Missoula has recently had to make a tough decision regarding the future of the organization. It is with much sadness that we announce that as of September 15, Nina is no longer working for  our organization. Like many non-profits, we face constant financial pressures and are always trying to juggle the challenges of how best to use the funds our generous donors have entrusted us with.

Though Nina’s efforts have been very fruitful, we feel the need to make a step in a slightly different direction. Although Imagine Missoula will no longer have a paid staff connecting volunteers with needs, we do plan to continue operating at full capacity. We are working hard on reorganizing in the coming months, and our goal is to spend a much larger percentage of our contributions on meeting needs rather than paying staff. We believe this will make Imagine Missoula more efficient, sustainable, and effective.

With all that said, we’d like to introduce to you Nancy Kesler, who will be donating her time to work with volunteers and clients. Nancy has lived in Missoula for ten years. She and her husband, Joe, have five grown children and one beautiful grandchild. She has a degree in Family Services from Eastern Illinois University and has had experience starting and working in non-profits as well as doing her practicum with the “Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in Illinois. She has also been actively volunteering for Imagine Missoula since it was founded (and Joe was one of the founding board members).

As we bring Nancy up to speed, we will also be streamlining the process of how needs are received and met. Requests for help can now be done via texting or calling our hotline (406-748-6752) or by emailing us at: We are also working on a web-form where help can be requested. New volunteers can sign up via a form on our website. We hope these changes will make things more simple for both our clients and volunteers.  

Thanks again to Nina, our volunteers, our donors, our clients, our partners, and of course this great city! We look to 2016 with excitement and hope and expectations of even greater things.


The Board of Imagine Missoula

Jessica Folmar Ryan Sutherland Andrew Wicker