Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TODAY May 5th ONLY! Please help Imagine Missoula!

From a donor: Why I will be making my donation to Imagine Missoula on this Give Local day:
1. Neighbors helping neighbors. Imagine Missoula links Missoulians in need with volunteers to do the little things (like now a lawn, move furniture, fix a leak) that make a big difference.
2. Relationships. When these neighbors connect they become part of a natural support network.
3. Low overhead. These ppl make an amazing difference for a fraction of the cost of many organizations that get bogged down in bureaucracy.
4. Irreplaceable. We can not afford to lose the services of Imagine Missoula. Where else can case managers post a need for a washer and dryer on Facebook, go for a swim, and return in an hour to have that need filled?
Please consider making a donation today!