Monday, May 11, 2015

Our May Volunteer(S) of the Month!

Meet our Volunteer(s) of the month! The Yonce Family! They are in on almost every type of job I post, and I know that the neighbors they help appreciate how kind and wonderful they are! Read on to hear what they love about volunteering:
The Yonce Family:

Ben and Jennie Yonce, daughter Dylan (14) and son Evan (12).

"Being part of a community means a lot of things to a lot of people, and to
us being part of a community means not only socializing with friends and
family we already know, but also reaching out to those we do not know;
especially to those in need.  Our family has been blessed with many things
in life and we feel it important to teach our children to be thankful for
what we have not just by verbally discussing our thankfulness, but also by
actively giving back to others.  In the voice of our son who we asked why he
likes to volunteer; he said "I like meeting the people and it just feels
really good to help others".  Our entire family agrees with his sentiment.

The people we help tend to become a part of our own family in a small, but
to us a meaningful, way.  When driving by Ellie's retirement home, a cancer
patient we helped move into her new home, the kids often wonder how she is doing, hope she is doing well and reminisce about the time we met her and helped on the moving crew.  Volunteering through Imagine Missoula has given us wonderful opportunities to meet wonderful people, and the joy of helping others, together as a family, makes our own "family time" that much more special by creating a special set of fond memories of people we have met and helped in the past.
Thanks Imagine Missoula for helping to facilitate the Missoula community by bringing those who need help in contact with those who want to help those that need it!"