Monday, June 2, 2014

Volunteer of the Month and TEAM MOW 2014!

Here is Todd Cross, our volunteer of the month! He is so dedicated to helping others, being a good neighbor and is always available when we are in a pinch! I have grown to depend on him as a valuable part of our helping community. Thank you Todd!
"I volunteer because there are so many in Missoula who are in need of a little help, and it's encouraging to see what a difference can be made in others' lives and in our own when we take time to respond to others' needs.  I've found that personal fulfillment is achieved through  acts of service, especially alongside others."
​- Todd Cross

Now is the time to form TEAM MOW 2014! If you would like to mow regularly for a person this summer, join the Team! When you go out of town, we can cover you, and some folks have mowers on site and some do not. Please let me know if you are interested asap! Folks who have had one round are ready for the next!
Thank you ALL!!
Nina (