Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love letter!

Thank you and Larry SO much! I am not sure you realize what a difference your group is making in people’s lives. It really is the little things that mean the most, especially when people do not have friends or family, just the knowledge that someone cares enough to help them out means so much. Thank you for being there!!!!

Jana Miller, MSW

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Get Your Rock Chip Repaired and Help Imagine Missoula!

This is FANTASTIC! Thanks to Rock Chip Squad! Read on:

Imagine Missoula has partnered with the Rock Chip Squad to offer our contacts windshield rock chip repairs. 30% of the rock chip repair proceeds will go to Imagine Missoula. This is a great way to help Imagine Missoula obtain additional financial support.

Most auto insurance comprehensive coverage handles rock chip repairs totally free and it will not affect your insurance rates. Most people have no idea that most auto insurance companies are happy to pay for the cost for rock chip repairs. This is a great way to get your rock chips repaired with no out of pocket expense and to help Imagine Missoula at the same time. Rock Chip Squad will bill your insurance company directly for the repairs and give 30% of the insurance proceeds to Imagine Missoula.

If you do not have comprehensive coverage or you have one of the roughly 5% of insurance companies that does not offer this coverage, the cost is $30 for the first rock chip and $15 for each additional rock chip.

Rock Chip Squad is located in the Rosauers market parking lot at South Avenue and South Reserve. We are at Rosauers from 11am to 6pm. All work comes with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle. They are a local Missoula company.

Be sure to mention you where referred by Imagine Missoula. Also please forward this message to your Missoula area friends so we can spread the word!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

600 + 250 in email = 850 members!!

WOW we just reached over 600 members in Imagine Missoula's Facebook group!!!!!!! Holy Cow!!!!! Way to be a helping community, Missoula! SO awesome! If you are in the group, please make sure you are seeing all the posts by checking that your notification settings say "see all posts" and you are checking for notifications on the left side bar! We will be leaving Facebook to ensure better communication soon - so if you haven't yet, please fill one of these darling little forms out ASAP! THANK YOU for growing Imagine Missoula!!