Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer time!

Ah Summer! A great thing, and a hard thing - MOST OF OUR STUDENT VOLUNTEERS ARE GONE! So we need others to step up and help out. If you have been waiting to jump in, now's the time! ;)

Marlene's volunteer was going to head over this weekend and help our dear widowed friend in her garden, but her own mother is in the hospital so she needs someone to take over with Marlene. It's rototilling and planting.

Our elderly friend Joan is having her lawn mower repaired, but her dandelions are sky high and needs a one or two time mow. She's also a really funny lady :)

Dorothy just can't bend down anymore to weed her flower bed - and she would love to see her flowers this year!

And another person will be in away for health reasons for a while and may be evicted if the tiny yard isn't mowed while she's gone. 20 minute job. Can we make sure she has a place to come home to?

Thank you for all you do! Let me know if you want to help our neighbors with this yard work that brings them peace of mind, and helps them stay in their homes!

Nina 546-4697

Thursday, May 23, 2013

More than a Mow

Folks may not realize that what we do when we mow for someone is more than the kid down the street doing a favor. Sometimes it means preventing eviction of an elderly person or a person living with disabilities. Sometimes it means that the neighbors won't be knocking angrily on the door because the dandelions are blowing into their yard. The peace of mind our volunteers bring by mowing for a neighbor in need cannot be measured. Keep on mowing Missoula!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

ANOTHER lovely note! WOW!

ANOTHER lovely note! My heart is so full - our volunteers are the GREATEST!!!!

"Subject: Moving with Imagine Missoula

God Bless the folks who volunteer & head up this program making it so successful! Recently, in April, I was moving from one Senior Living apt to another. Nina was the contact in arranging this one day event. Five wonderful volunteers showed up with a U-haul on time & loaded, unloaded and arranged furniture for me. This was all done with smiles, muscle and generosity for their time & efforts. Last year this helpful group organized & moved my disabled daughter from poverty into security & a clean enviroment. The help they provide, big or small, the smiles and friendly attitudes are a real God send in a time of need. I will never forget this experience & my thanks to all of them."  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A lovely note!

From Helen at Missoula Aging Services:
"Imagine Missoula is a great community partner! Many Senior Corps RSVP Volunteers enjoy lending a helping hand through this action-oriented, civic service initiative. Together, RSVP volunteers and Imagine Missoula make personal, neighbor-to-neighbor connections with Missoulians in need. Their volunteer-based service builds strong neighborhoods. They help people who are homebound or are too frail to move from an apartment or plant a garden alone. They help single parents working to keep a family together. Sometimes they help as mentors, teaching basic home maintenance skills. They work to make home safer. The needs vary but the results help to make Missoula a caring and vibrant community, neighbor-to-neighbor."
THANK YOU to our amazing partners! Please visit Liquid Planet throughout May to support them with their Cuppa Community drink! <3
And remember- if you want to help out with what Imagine Missoula has going on, please visit our facebook group to jump on in!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Team Mow 2013!

Okay folks! Hope you are enjoying the SUN! **
We need some folks to start forming Team Mow 2013 - the group of volunteers
who regularly mow for folks in need. Interested? You can start with one of
the folks below (and also just a one time mow would be great **
So we have three requests for one time (or ongoing!) mowing from three
folks - one is a veteran, one is a hospice patient, and one is Sara, an
elderly woman who just needs a helping hand. Our veteran friend has no
mower or edger, so would need you to bring yours.
Can you help out?
Let me know!

Nina 546-4697

Friday, May 3, 2013

This is AWESOME!

Hold on to your hats and prepare to feel inspired!
This week's update:
Deborah, Russell, Andrew and Nathaniel are helping Judy move,
Thelma got her leaky faucet fixed,
Cris transported Sandy's computer tower to get repaired,
Tara, Beth Anne, and Evan are helping in the gardens of Sue's aging parents,
Andrew is doing some minor repairs in Wanda's bathroom,
Seth and Danielle are working in Melanie's garden,
And Justin repaired and painted a flower box for Jan!
THIS is Missoula!
Have a great weekend - and remember, if you or someone you know wants to help our neighbors in need with these simple things and just a little time, head over to our group page Thank You!