Monday, March 25, 2013

How to get INVOLVED

Do you know how to ask for a need to be posted, or how to join in and help out?
Contact Nina (Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator) at
or join or facebook group at
(this is the best place to see the updates!)
Want to see the great success stories about IM? Go here:
Now you know how to keep on making Missoula a better place than it already is :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why is Bettie Crying?

Bettie just called crying - with gratitude. She said "I just can't thank you enough. I had no idea there were people out there like you anymore. And especially this many people! I can't believe that I don't have to do this on my own." All we have done for her is deliver boxes so she can pack and take some donations to the Pov for her (and OH YES we will help her move when she knows the date!) See how these little things burst open the hearts of our loneliest neighbors? WELL DONE! DebbyJeff, Chris. 
Now, let's get a ride for Patty to her swim lessons for the week of the 29-4/14 (can be before work hours and any days!)
And Rhonda needs to move from one senior housing apartment to another this Saturday - she has no one to help her but can get the u-haul. Can you help?
Let me know and keep on blowing folks away with hope in a helping community! Nina 546-4697
To jump in and help out you can donate -> 
and you can go to our facebook page
or email me!