Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why aren't we posting any needs this week??

Wanna know why we haven't been posting needs this week? Because Missoula Aging Services and Imagine Missoula are working with the volunteers at the United Way Day of Caring this Friday to take care of the seniors in need for the week! Thank you to Missoula Federal Credit Union, Blackfoot Communications and STAND (youth leadership group) for helping our seniors in need this week! 
Here are some folks who need help who aren't on Friday's list:
Mary is living with illness and needs a mower and weed wacker!
Jerris's 84 year old mother with Parkinson's Disease and sister with dementia live in a trailer near Bonner. They need it painted, and the pine needles cleared out of the gutters. Can you help Jerris with either of these?
Thank you so much for all you do!
Please remember to donate to our fundraiser, grab a Simplici-Tea from Liquid Planet (YUM!) and spread the word to support what we do so that we can keep on making a difference for our neighbors in need!
Nina 546-4697