Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer time!

Ah Summer! A great thing, and a hard thing - MOST OF OUR STUDENT VOLUNTEERS ARE GONE! So we need others to step up and help out. If you have been waiting to jump in, now's the time! ;)

Marlene's volunteer was going to head over this weekend and help our dear widowed friend in her garden, but her own mother is in the hospital so she needs someone to take over with Marlene. It's rototilling and planting.

Our elderly friend Joan is having her lawn mower repaired, but her dandelions are sky high and needs a one or two time mow. She's also a really funny lady :)

Dorothy just can't bend down anymore to weed her flower bed - and she would love to see her flowers this year!

And another person will be in away for health reasons for a while and may be evicted if the tiny yard isn't mowed while she's gone. 20 minute job. Can we make sure she has a place to come home to?

Thank you for all you do! Let me know if you want to help our neighbors with this yard work that brings them peace of mind, and helps them stay in their homes!

Nina 546-4697