Thursday, May 16, 2013

ANOTHER lovely note! WOW!

ANOTHER lovely note! My heart is so full - our volunteers are the GREATEST!!!!

"Subject: Moving with Imagine Missoula

God Bless the folks who volunteer & head up this program making it so successful! Recently, in April, I was moving from one Senior Living apt to another. Nina was the contact in arranging this one day event. Five wonderful volunteers showed up with a U-haul on time & loaded, unloaded and arranged furniture for me. This was all done with smiles, muscle and generosity for their time & efforts. Last year this helpful group organized & moved my disabled daughter from poverty into security & a clean enviroment. The help they provide, big or small, the smiles and friendly attitudes are a real God send in a time of need. I will never forget this experience & my thanks to all of them."