Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A lovely note!

From Helen at Missoula Aging Services:
"Imagine Missoula is a great community partner! Many Senior Corps RSVP Volunteers enjoy lending a helping hand through this action-oriented, civic service initiative. Together, RSVP volunteers and Imagine Missoula make personal, neighbor-to-neighbor connections with Missoulians in need. Their volunteer-based service builds strong neighborhoods. They help people who are homebound or are too frail to move from an apartment or plant a garden alone. They help single parents working to keep a family together. Sometimes they help as mentors, teaching basic home maintenance skills. They work to make home safer. The needs vary but the results help to make Missoula a caring and vibrant community, neighbor-to-neighbor."
THANK YOU to our amazing partners! Please visit Liquid Planet throughout May to support them with their Cuppa Community drink! <3
And remember- if you want to help out with what Imagine Missoula has going on, please visit our facebook group to jump on in!