Thursday, September 20, 2012


This STUNNING v-neck, comfortable and flattering fit, women's LIMITED EDITION Imagine Missoula t-shirt is now available! $22 and the first 20 folks to buy them get entered into a drawing for a free bottle of the upcoming brand new 2012 Holiday All Souls Ale (yes, the more shirts you order the more entries you get!!)  Email Nina to order -
All proceeds help Imagine Missoula continue to help our neighbors in need!
UPDATE 9/28 - 13 entries left! Get yours! ( Makes a great gift too! Someone bought 3 for holiday presents :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

This one is a big deal

Hey folks,
I'm back from my training last week, and got a heartbreaking call. This one is a big deal, friends:
Sarah's Grandmother was downtown cashing a check and was robbed and assaulted. She currently cannot see because of her injuries. She is moving in with Sarah, who is a single mother, and they need our help to take the steps they need to to move in together. FIRST off they need boxes and help packing Grandmother. Some things will go into a storage unit and some into the new place. Please call or email me ASAP to let me know if you can help them - there will be an aide there or Sarah to help since Grandmother cannot see.
Nina 546-4697

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

T-shirt News, Needs, and a Very Cool Event

Hey all! Happy Fall (unofficially!)

Guess where you can get your Imagine Missoula t-shirts now in addition to the MSO Hub? The University Bookstore! Every purchase supports IM :) Thanks to Jenn Torres for getting us there!

Here are the needs for the week so far. . .

Sharon needs help with the roots of her tree - they are easy to pull up, she has the tools and they are threatening her sidewalk. She has removed some of them herself but needs help.
Joan needs the steps to her house repaired or rebuilt - she is a lovely elderly lady on the Westside.
And if anyone is handy with a bobcat, we have a woman who needs her driveway widened (she almost slid off into the ditch last winter) She has the dirt on site (I know, this may be out of our jurisdiction - but why not post it and see who we know? :)

AND our dear volunteer Isaac is in need of volunteers for his event - Sunday Streets Missoula - read on and email him if you'd like to help out with this very cool event:
RE: volunteering for Sunday Streets Missoula.  We are already gearing up for our 2nd Sunday Streets of the year taking place September 9th.  We are changing it up a bit this time and having it on the North/West side of town, but the same old Sunday fun is going to be the same!  Like our past Streets events, we will have dozens of businesses, non-profits, and many other purveyors of fun joining our street take-over effort of Toole and Railroad Avenues on the West side and Scott St. on the North side.
So, in order to keep the event safe and car-free, we need you all to take on the crucial task of "herding vehicles".  In this role, you all will be assigned to various intersections between 11am and 4:15pm to make sure no cars enter the event and provide detours to drivers.  Snacks and Shirts will be provided.

Email Isaac at to help out!

Nina 546-4697