Monday, July 23, 2012

THIS is why we do this . . .

PLEASE READ THIS letter from someone we helped last week, then help Mavis (see entry below :)

"AGAIN!!!!  THANK YOU for ALL YOU have done!!!!  I imagine that in some people's eyes, it's nasty couches, a coat of stain... or a nasty trailer house in the ghetto. But in reality, it's people's lives.... mountains we can't climb... and the total lack of ANYONE that cares enough about us in our little worlds to see how much a dirty carpet, an unstained deck, etc., is a reminder how alone we are in this world, and how LITTLE our lives mean to people we know. And to a society that WE have taken our coat off for in the winter and gave to someone else that was cold, or gave our last 5 bucks in this world to so they could have gas to get home....
These awesome people from TN showed up, and made MY world so much better, and again... I feel like a human... that somebody cares about.... and not for what they might be able to get from me....
It is MY PRAYER, that as you go... YOU WILL PROFOUNDLY EXPERIENCE first hand what TRUE GRATITUDE LOOKS LIKE...and HOW MUCH of what YOU DO.... changes the WORLD... one lonely old man at a time!!!!"

Let's keep Imagine Missoula healthy and strong. Help, donate, spread the word today.
I love you guys,
Nina Alviar

Nina on Vaca and A Sweet Lady Needs Help

Happy Monday!
I will be going on vaca from the 26th until August 6th (therefore, we are on minimal operations - Naomi will post only if absolutely necessary) If anyone needs immediate help, they can call 211, or a local church, synagogue, or other community group for help. Most needs can wait until we get back.

Now to get the needs for this week done before we take a break!
Only one so far. . .

Mavis is a sweet elderly woman, and she needs her windows washed. We have all the stuff, and about 4 folks should have a great time at her place :) Please call me if you can help her keep her home beautiful!

Thanks to the kids from Inner Roads of Youth Homes for helping at the garden! Thanks to Isaac for the last minute swoop in to help Rocky! Thanks to the amazing group from The River Community Church in Tennessee for helping Sharon, Amy, Shawn, and Jaylene last week! Thanks to Larry for helping Lula! Thank you to the Missionaries from the LDS Church for helping Phil! Thank you to Jon for mowing for Joan, to the Seagraves for mowing for Brenda, and to the Bowyers for offering to do just about anything for the whole summer! WOW! YOU ARE DOING SO MUCH GOOD! Amazing and wonderful!

Nina 546-4697

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun stuff for this weekend!

OH I just got off the phone with Mavis and she is so sweet!!!! She needs her windows washed, we have all the stuff, and about 4 folks should have a great time at her place :) Please call me if you can help her keep her home beautiful! This weekend would be perfect!
Dan was helping Brenda mow her lawn, but he is moving away from Missoula. She is funny and kind - we love her. Can you take over mowing? She said it's getting "a bit high!" Another good one for this weekend!
Thank you for helping these lovely neighbors!
Nina 546-4697

Monday, July 16, 2012

This Week's Needs (one is urgent)

Thank you for coming to my house for the potluck on Saturday! I LOVED meeting you face to face and chatting about IM!
Here are the folks who need our care this week:

Shawn needs a couch pulled out of his apartment asap and just set by the dumpster - his smaller loveseat is on the way this week so this one is a bit urgent! He will be in a wheelchair next month so need more space.

Phil needs to move this week/weekend - he and his lady are moving in together finally (they are in their 80's!) He is packed and ready - four folks should do it in a heartbeat!

Marie is elderly and is confined to a wheel chair and unable to work on her property. She has tried calling places but they are too expensive. She lives on 10 acres. The things that need to be done are: downed trees that need to be taken to the burning pit; grass needs to be sprayed; the pond needs to be cleared out to have it flow again; the lawn needs to be mowed; the field needs to be mowed. Maybe we can take chunks of this at a time - can you help?

And Bobbi needs her son's things moved - she says it really really easy, they just don't know anyone with a pick up and they can't afford to rent one. Maybe two folks and that truck?

Shout out to our partners who help us so much with these friends in need! Thank you Donation Warehouse! Thank you Kendal Motors! The have been amazing - let's support them with our business! :)
Nina 546-4697

Thursday, July 12, 2012

THANK YOU and Please Help These Folks. . .

Thank you Ms. Alex Brown for your amazing service to Imagine Missoula! We have benefited so much from your help :) I will miss you so much! Come back soon! (She will be hosting a group of volunteers meeting some "behind the scenes needs" this coming week so she is STILL working hard for IM!)
Here are the thank you's and needs for the rest of the week:

Laurie needs the last of her things (about 15 boxes) brought from Lolo to her home in Missoula (she has no one to help) and Andrew is free this Friday - do you have a truck and can you help him?

This is so sweet I can't stand it - after 15 years of "friendship" Phil and Verna are finally moving in together (they are in their 80's) Next week we will be moving Phil into the home they will share, then the next week Verna. Phil doesn't have a whole lot a whole lot of stuff and he is already packed. Can you help them?

Shawn is a gentleman we helped a while ago who is very sweet and becoming more and more disabled. He will be having surgery in a couple of weeks and needs his apartment to be more accessible, so he needs his couch out (a smaller loveseat will be delivered next week) And he also needs the carpets shampooed to keep up his home. Can you help with either of these?

THANK YOU to Rebecca and Todd for shampooing Joan's carpets! Thank you Isaac for mowing Ann's yard! Thank you Larry for helping Frederick and Newton! Thank you to Donation Warehouse for helping Jaylene! Thank you Dan for the repairs! Thank you ALL for helping folks feel valued and less alone!

Remember - if you sign up for the DIrty Dash, put Imagine Missoula on your registration form so we can raise a little $$, buy your Imagine Missoula t-shirt at the HUB Store on Higgins and Main, and you can always hit the "donate" button on our website to help us keep on keepin' on!
Nina 546-4697

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Week. . .

Thank you again to Bill and Andrew for helping us out last week! This week we have several needs and they are as follows:

- Laurie needs help moving some things from Lolo to a location here in Missoula. This should take 2 people and one truck load, so pretty easy.

- We have friends from Glengarra who need our help again! There are several elderly women who keep up with gardening but one of the plots has too many weeds and they need a little assistance clearing it out. This should require 2 people and gardening tools if you happen to have them, if not the women can share theirs.

- Shawn is a very sweet elderly disabled man who needs an old couch moved out of his apartment and a new one moved in. Also, his carpets need shampooed so I was thinking while the old couch is out we could shampoo and then move the new one in. He has rods in his back and is going in for more surgery soon and would really appreciate it if this could be done this week. He also wanted me to say thank you to the volunteers who help Imagine Missoula. :)

- Helen is a woman who needs someone to mow her lawn every two weeks for the rest of summer starting this weekend. The mower is provided.

- Ann moved here with her husband from Georgia. They have been married for 38 year and last Monday he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and only has a week to live. Ann is scared and all she asks is for someone to come sit and talk with her once/twice a week.

If there is anything you can fit into your schedule just let me know and we can start helping these people! Thank you for all you do and for taking the time to read this.
Nina 546-4697