Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Help me increase the volunteer pool!

Hi there folks! We have a lot of little needs this week- can you help us find volunteers to help these folks? Our student's have left for the summer, so our active volunteer pool is not quite as full as it was. Even though we have 394 members on facebook and 200 in this group not everyone is an active volunteer. Can you jump in this week if you have been waiting to? Can you find a friend who might want to help out? We need to work together to keep going strong for our neighbors in need - and I need you.
Here's who we have this week:
Maybelle (sweet elderly lady) needs her trailer power washed (she has all the stuff) so the mold on the outside doesn't take over.
Barb (caretaker of her mother with dementia) needs someone to help weed the field behind her house (with an industrial strength weed- wacker that we will rent) Elise can do it but could use a hand.
Marlene, who lost her husband last year (and he was the gardener) needs us to get some plants in the ground for her.
There are, funny enough, two "recliner transports" that need to happen (these folks need them because they have physical ailments that require their feet up or help getting up) We need two people and a truck for each of them.
And finally - does anyone know someone in Arlee who might be willing to give Bob (a veteran) a ride three days a week to dialysis? We have tried every transportation organization out there with no luck and his wife will lose the family business soon if she keeps having to take him (they will lose everything, really.)
Thanks for getting the word out and jumping in this week!
Nina 546-4697

Nina Alviar 
Program Director for IMAGINE MISSOULA

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Gift for You, Dear Volunteers!

Volunteers, please read, this is a gift for YOU:
Today I had the immense privilege of meeting the Senior Companions and Foster Grandparents of Missoula Aging Services. As I presented to them about Imagine Missoula and our partnership with MAS, the microphone was passed around, and much to my surprise, we had assisted folks in the room, or their clients! They praised YOU, volunteers, over and over, as kind, efficient, unbelievably hard workers, and "there when there was just no-one else to help." I wish I could have recorded their sweet words to share with you, but I have to tell you, you are making an incredible difference "filling a hole in services in Missoula" where there has just been hopelessness. WOW! I am so proud of you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Can you help these folks do the "impossible?"

Happy Monday! Here's some folks we can help this week:

Jackie is a brave and lovely woman living with Multiple Sclerosis, and she and her friend are cleaning out her storage areas so that she can get ready to move into assisted living. She needs us to do a dump run for her by this Wednesday evening. Can you help?

Barb has always wanted a garden near her fence, but since she has been a caregiver for her mother with dementia, she hasn't been able to get one started. Can you help her start a garden and enjoy some beauty?

Maybelle is a strong elderly lady whose "arms aren't what they used to be" and she needs someone to come and pressure wash her trailer before the mold grows. She has the washer and cleaner. Can you help her?

Thank you so much for helping these sweet folks with work that is just impossible for them. Without Imagine Missoula, it would stay impossible! You are making Missoula better and better. . .
Nina 546-4697

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WOW a lot is covered! Here's what's left. . .

Hi volunteers!
WOW! Thank you to Dillon, Steve, Andrew, Dennis and the Go2Guys for moving Pat downstairs!
And to Shelby for planting for Marlene!
And to Kathy for doing more work at Ellie's!

  • Now we just need a crew for Saturday for April. Anyone available?
  • Help Barb with starting the garden?
  • Can someone go and re-hang Sarah's hanger bar in her closet? She was startled by the sound of it falling!
  • Can anyone pressure wash Maybelle's trailer (she has the washer but says "My arms aren't as strong as they used to be!")
Thanks folks! We are making these people feel less alone with every little thing we do for them :)
Nina 546-4697

Monday, June 11, 2012


Happy Monday folks!

Thank you to Tracy and Jeremy for starting work at Barbs - we still need more help getting that garden started for her! Can you help?

Thanks to Emily and Dax for weeding out at Ellie's - and trying to figure out that darn shed door! (She fell last week trying to do it herself :(

We need more planters for Marlene's garden (just putting in plants) and Emily will be part of the weeding crew for the summer for her (anyone else want to join in?)

And this weekend it a Moving Extravaganza! This Friday we are moving Pat from upstairs to downstairs, and so far we have Dillon and Dennis on it (and the wonderful Go2Guys will move the washer and dryer for us!) More hands for this one would be great!

 Saturday is where we need folks to move April (a single mother with disabilities - her son is working all weekend and cannot help) across town (and someone who can hook up her washer and dryer once it's moved!) It's a biggie, so maybe 6 folks?

Remember to send this to your friends who might want to help - we can use our networks of caring friends to find help for these neighbors even if we cannot do the work ourselves! THAT's Missoula!

Thanks you all,
Nina 546-4697

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gardening, Moving and A Goodwill Run

Hi wonderful volunteers!
Can we get some folks to work in Marlene's garden this coming week? She has some plants that still need to go in, and needs a few folks interested in maintenance - weeding, etc. - throughout the summer (Marlene is the sweet lady we have been gardening for since her husband passed away last year, she needs the food and loves the company!)
Also, can we get two moving crews together for next Friday the 15th (it's for Pat who is just moving from upstairs to downstairs) and for Saturday or Sunday, a dear single mother with back injuries who needs to move across town and has no one to help her?
And finally Lois - Her sister is in a nursing home and her husband has Alzheimer’s. Lois needs help removing all things that her sister's husband has stored in the basement and take them to Goodwill.
Let me know if you can help! 546-4697

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Garden for Barb? Curtain Rods for Frederick? Move Pat?

Happy rainy Monday!

WOW did the movers on Saturday have a great time moving Fred and his sister in the rain! They all had a great sense of humor and admired each other for their strength and fortitude! Thanks to Dillon, Emily, Julie, Kathy, and John!

This week, can we start that garden bed for Barb?

Is there someone out there who can hang a few curtain rods and some other minor home improvements with Frederick (he is a very nice guy with a full-time job who is living with developmental delays, and he really wants to learn how to do this stuff!) in the next week or two?

Please put a move on your radar for our elderly friend Pat who is moving from an upstairs unit just downstairs on Friday the 15th of June. She is a great person and promises a treat for the movers (so sweet!)

Let me know if you can help our lovely neighbors! They are such a joy to meet, and I would love for you to have your heart filled like mine when you meet them!

Have a safe, dry evening!
Nina 546-4697

Friday, June 1, 2012

Start a Garden for Barb? Give a Ride to the Store for Mary?

Hi all!
Can we get a group together to start a garden bed for our friend Barb? Not a big space, but starting from pulling up sod. Interested? She is one of our long time dear friends
Thank you to Abby for giving weekly rides to Mary to the grocery store for June and July - can you cover for the week she is gone? It's the week of 6/16-20th.
And thank you in advance to Dillon, Kathy, John, and Emily (and her friend!) for moving Fred and his sister tomorrow! They are so grateful!
Can't wait to hear from you!
Nina 546-4697