Friday, March 30, 2012

What a great night!

Thank you All Souls Missoula and Big Sky Brewery for that FANTASIC party! It was a beautiful night all around, and it was so great to see you all there!
My highlight: It was such a pleasure to introduce service providers to the volunteers that have helped their clients and watch them hug!
Great music (thank you Tom Catmull and the Clerics!) amazing food (thank you All Souls Missoula!) and thank you all for coming and buying All Souls Ale (thank you Big Sky!) Taproom release tonight at Big Sky - come on down (I'll be there around 6:30!)
And thank you to Steve, Jon, and friends for moving Don this morning and thank you in advance to Tylyn, Susan and friends for cleaning his old place! He is SO grateful. Once again we have made someone who has no one feel less alone.
Have a great weekend and a great Spring Break! We have some lovely yard work jobs that I will be posting Monday!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Thank you's and This Week. . .

Happy Monday!
Thank you to the Hellgate Lacrosse Team and Coach Brandon Kendall for moving Verna this weekend! Sounds like you had fun and she is so relieved and pleased! Great work.
This week we need about four more folks to help Bill and Mark with Wednesday morning's move for Joy (she is a single woman living with physical and mental disabilities)
And two more folks to help clean Don's on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday during the day. We will nail down a time when we hear back from more folks.
And remember- this Thursday is our fundraising party at Big Sky Brewery from 6-9! RSVP so we know how much delicious food to make to go with the delicious (limited edition, specialty, just for Imagine Missoula) beer!
Thank you for all you do! You are amazing :)
Nina 546-4697

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you's and upcoming needs (one is really soon!)

Thank you Greg for delivering furniture to our Single Mama friend, and for transferring some stuff to Ruth's new nursing home!
Thank you to Jim for helping Patrick with home repairs!
Thank you to Steve, Julian, Susan, John and Tylyn for helping at Don's next Friday! (and to Jennifer, Penny, Julian and Naomi for helping him get the boxes!)
Now for what's next: Can someone help Chris clean Verna's this Saturday after her move?
Can someone help clean Don's after his move, on Saturday the 31st?
Can someone help with a last minute move for a single woman with mental and physical disabilities move this Monday morning? (Short notice, I know, but she is in a bind!)
I want you to know that I noticed that we are getting a lot of moving requests, and while this is ONE of the things Imagine Missoula helps with, we do much more than that. We seem to go through "seasons" of moving, "seasons" of yard-work, "seasons" of home repairs. I promise that this Moving Season will soon give way to others, and that I (and especially the neighbors we are helping!) appreciate your help - these folks really have no one else.
Let me know if you can help! Nina 546-4697

Monday, March 12, 2012

Remember to Order Your All Souls Ale!

No new needs yet today- but I wanted to remind you to pre-order your case, 1/2 case or bottles of All Souls Ale! The release party is getting nailed down to the end of THIS month, and we only have 50 cases left! Big Sky Brewery generously brews this limited edition specialty beer for us as our only fundraiser for the year - and every dime goes to support the efforts of Imagine Missoula! Let me know if you (and your freinds!) would like to order some and I will get you on the list!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We like to move it move it -

Thank you Scott, Laura, and All Souls Missoula for getting Sharon to Spokane for her job offer! Let's send her good energy as she does her best today!
Coming up - I know we've been doing a lot of moving lately (seems to be the season for it!) and I promise some lovely muddy yardwork is on the way, but a woman who is struggling a lot right now needs us to clear out her storage unit sometime this month (you tell me what works for YOU) and our dear friend Berna finally found the perfect home and needs us to help her move on the 24th. Can you put these on your radar and let me know if you and a friend or two can help?
Thank you!
Nina 546-4697

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just a nice thought about volunteering. . .

You know something that is so cool - a volunteer did laundry for a neighbor this weekend and it made the volunteer really happy! I love hearing your excited responses to "how did it go?" - the magic of transforming mundane tasks into relationships that mean so much to everyone. Beautiful!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Thank you to Cindy and Brendan for cleaning Song's apartment for her inspection!
Thank you to Susan, Lara, Mitch, Shelby and Frank for cleaning Mar's place so he can get his deposit back!
Thank you Shandi for doing laundry for Janice!
You made a big difference this weekend alone! Amazing, and what gifts to our neighbors :)
Now, can we find a few folks with an hour to spare to go and chat with Joseph while he is in the hospital? He just wants some visitor to pass the time and help him feel less alone. Let me know! 546-4697

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thanks Hellgate Lacrosse!

Thank you to Jack, Felipe, Heath, Cedryk, Josh, and Kevin Flynn of Hellgate Lacrosse for moving furniture out of storage today for Ju Ling! Well done and welcome to Imagine Missoula!! (She will love going to the games :)