Monday, January 30, 2012

Dirty Dash Missoula!

Attention all runners - or people who just like mud!
If you sign up for the Dirty Dash - a crazy race guaranteed to get you in touch with nature - Imagine Missoula gets a percentage of the registration fee! Check it out, and use code imaginemissoula when you register! Thanks! How fun!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Alexis is a 88 yo man who resides alone. He has low vision and needs help to write out his bills and go to grocery shop. He is pretty upbeat and seems like he would be pretty easy to work with. He is seeking a trustworthy volunteer to help him with bills and shop. He is hoping to find someone through you guys since we have explored other options to no avail.

Thank you for all you do!

Can you help? Maybe a couple of folks we can set into a regular rotation to help with his bills and take him to the store?
Let's see what we can do for him.
Thank you to Ashley, Tara, Lara and Amanda! He is in good hands :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thanks for a great night!

WOW that was a fun party! Thank you to all of the active volunteers from last year for coming, and thank you to The Loft for the space (especially Stanley who helped us set up!) to to Big Sky Brewery for the beer, to All Souls Missoula for providing the food from Doc's catering and wine from Wordens (and water from Costco :) thank you to Kristi Lawrence and her Mama for the lovely cheesecakes, to Jeni for the slideshow and Micah for the music, and thank you to the board members who helped out - Joe and Nancy for greeting, Jess and Jill for serving the drinks, and Kelly for hosting. Thanks to Travis and Lara for helping with clean up too! What a great night and I hope you all had a blast! You are making a huge difference in Missoula with every little thing you do with your selfless service. Awesome. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Crazy!

Get what happened today:
Liz brought Donna space heaters in Alberton
Colin shoveled for Bonnie
Rebekah, Jen and Sarah shoveled for Barb
Spencer shoveled for Ray
Beau shoveled for Marvin
Travis worked hard to find that Lara will give Janice a ride tomorrow and
Missoula Aging Services, 211, Jared Langley Roofing, the Missoula Fire Departments and 911 worked together with Imagine Missoula to figure out how to get threatening snow off of people's roofs (it was stopping their heat!) and got the heat back on for them.
WOW!!!!! You are Snow Heros! Thank you!
We already know that we will need more tomorrow - we have folks waiting. Please let me know if you can be a Snow Hero too! 546-4697

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank you's

Hey all! Just want to shout out some thank yous for this past week:
Bob, for fixing Barb's sink (and the toilet that she never thought could be fixed!)
Colin, Dylan, Kendall, and Travis for helping Janice with getting to appointments and other tasks after her surgery,
Scott for donating flowers for the tea that Yvonne is holding for women living with cancer,
Tom and Marc for working at Sheila's (and continuing to do so!)
To the leads to plumbing help for Bonnie from Liz and Mindy,
and to Kevin at Damage Control for continuing to work with her!
And finally, thank you to Dylan's mom and Jim Bradley for donations to help us keep doing what we do.
This week was full and wonderful! Have a great weekend and thank you all for being the community that "helps people help each other!"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nina's Back!

Hey there! I am back from a fun filled and restful (kind of :) family holiday. I hope yours was fantastic! THANK YOU to Naomi and Christian (and everyone else who supported them) for holding down the fort while I was gone. I love you guys.
Drum roll please: The next needs!
We really need a plumber (or someone who knows a plumber who can cut us a good deal!!) to help Bonnie with her bathroom leak. Thank you to Kevin at Damage Control for all you have done for her so far! She is struggling to make a living with her disabled daughter.
Sheila could use some help cleaning up her yard and her home (in multiple visits.) She is living with mental and physical disabilities and needs to get on track so that we can get her connected to services to help her maintain her home.
AND save the date! If you have actively volunteered for Imagine Missoula in the past year - we want to thank you. We will be hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Party on the 22nd at the Loft from 5-7pm. You can share your stories about volunteering, hear what you've accomplished this past year, and have some tasty treats. RSVP when you can so I know how much food to get! Thanks!
Be well and happy,
Nina 546-4697
UPDATE: Thank you Tom and Mark for offering to help at Sheila's! Now we just need a good plumber (with a big heart!)