Friday, October 26, 2012

Moving and Gutters and More Oh My!

Happy Friday!
Remember the single mama who is taking in her grandma who was attacked and robbed? We helped her move her things into storage, and now she and her grandma have a place and need to move in! Can you help MONDAY after work or during the day? Let me know asap please :)
AND. . .
Carmen needs her gutter cleared out, and some totes brought up from the basement.
Ellie's shed door needs to be fixed.
Victor needs grab bars installed in his new apartment, and he needs to move next Saturday Nov. 3rd - just from his single apartment to another apartment in the same building (we love those moves! Easy Peasy.)
Please let me know if you can help any of these folks! And spread the word!
Thank you so much for helping our sweet neighbors. It means more to them than you could ever know :)
Nina 546-4697