Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This week. . .

Hi all! Hope you are having a wonderful summer - I saw some leaves on the ground under a maple tree and thought - Really? That soon?
Here are the folks that I have chatted with this week who have no one to help them, so they called on us:

Jennifer needs a few pieces of furniture carried upstairs to her apt. after Goodwill delivers them tomorrow - they will not take them up the stairs.

Barbara needs the yard tended, she is injured and disabled and lives in a lovely home, but can no longer maintain the yard.

Carla and her family are living in poverty and are trying to clean up their home, so they need us to take two old couches to the dump.

Stacy and her family are also living in poverty and need the gate on their fence mended so the dogs can't get out.

And Sharon is living with mental and physical disabilities and needs to move on the 21st or 22nd across town.

Five folks who have no one to help them do these simple things! Grab a friend and let these folks know that they have value and that they are not alone. That's why WE'RE here :)
Call me if you can help anyone on the list - I will be in and out today. Thank you!
Nina 546-4697