Monday, July 16, 2012

This Week's Needs (one is urgent)

Thank you for coming to my house for the potluck on Saturday! I LOVED meeting you face to face and chatting about IM!
Here are the folks who need our care this week:

Shawn needs a couch pulled out of his apartment asap and just set by the dumpster - his smaller loveseat is on the way this week so this one is a bit urgent! He will be in a wheelchair next month so need more space.

Phil needs to move this week/weekend - he and his lady are moving in together finally (they are in their 80's!) He is packed and ready - four folks should do it in a heartbeat!

Marie is elderly and is confined to a wheel chair and unable to work on her property. She has tried calling places but they are too expensive. She lives on 10 acres. The things that need to be done are: downed trees that need to be taken to the burning pit; grass needs to be sprayed; the pond needs to be cleared out to have it flow again; the lawn needs to be mowed; the field needs to be mowed. Maybe we can take chunks of this at a time - can you help?

And Bobbi needs her son's things moved - she says it really really easy, they just don't know anyone with a pick up and they can't afford to rent one. Maybe two folks and that truck?

Shout out to our partners who help us so much with these friends in need! Thank you Donation Warehouse! Thank you Kendal Motors! The have been amazing - let's support them with our business! :)
Nina 546-4697