Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Week. . .

Thank you again to Bill and Andrew for helping us out last week! This week we have several needs and they are as follows:

- Laurie needs help moving some things from Lolo to a location here in Missoula. This should take 2 people and one truck load, so pretty easy.

- We have friends from Glengarra who need our help again! There are several elderly women who keep up with gardening but one of the plots has too many weeds and they need a little assistance clearing it out. This should require 2 people and gardening tools if you happen to have them, if not the women can share theirs.

- Shawn is a very sweet elderly disabled man who needs an old couch moved out of his apartment and a new one moved in. Also, his carpets need shampooed so I was thinking while the old couch is out we could shampoo and then move the new one in. He has rods in his back and is going in for more surgery soon and would really appreciate it if this could be done this week. He also wanted me to say thank you to the volunteers who help Imagine Missoula. :)

- Helen is a woman who needs someone to mow her lawn every two weeks for the rest of summer starting this weekend. The mower is provided.

- Ann moved here with her husband from Georgia. They have been married for 38 year and last Monday he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and only has a week to live. Ann is scared and all she asks is for someone to come sit and talk with her once/twice a week.

If there is anything you can fit into your schedule just let me know and we can start helping these people! Thank you for all you do and for taking the time to read this.
Nina 546-4697