Thursday, July 12, 2012

THANK YOU and Please Help These Folks. . .

Thank you Ms. Alex Brown for your amazing service to Imagine Missoula! We have benefited so much from your help :) I will miss you so much! Come back soon! (She will be hosting a group of volunteers meeting some "behind the scenes needs" this coming week so she is STILL working hard for IM!)
Here are the thank you's and needs for the rest of the week:

Laurie needs the last of her things (about 15 boxes) brought from Lolo to her home in Missoula (she has no one to help) and Andrew is free this Friday - do you have a truck and can you help him?

This is so sweet I can't stand it - after 15 years of "friendship" Phil and Verna are finally moving in together (they are in their 80's) Next week we will be moving Phil into the home they will share, then the next week Verna. Phil doesn't have a whole lot a whole lot of stuff and he is already packed. Can you help them?

Shawn is a gentleman we helped a while ago who is very sweet and becoming more and more disabled. He will be having surgery in a couple of weeks and needs his apartment to be more accessible, so he needs his couch out (a smaller loveseat will be delivered next week) And he also needs the carpets shampooed to keep up his home. Can you help with either of these?

THANK YOU to Rebecca and Todd for shampooing Joan's carpets! Thank you Isaac for mowing Ann's yard! Thank you Larry for helping Frederick and Newton! Thank you to Donation Warehouse for helping Jaylene! Thank you Dan for the repairs! Thank you ALL for helping folks feel valued and less alone!

Remember - if you sign up for the DIrty Dash, put Imagine Missoula on your registration form so we can raise a little $$, buy your Imagine Missoula t-shirt at the HUB Store on Higgins and Main, and you can always hit the "donate" button on our website to help us keep on keepin' on!
Nina 546-4697