Monday, July 23, 2012

Nina on Vaca and A Sweet Lady Needs Help

Happy Monday!
I will be going on vaca from the 26th until August 6th (therefore, we are on minimal operations - Naomi will post only if absolutely necessary) If anyone needs immediate help, they can call 211, or a local church, synagogue, or other community group for help. Most needs can wait until we get back.

Now to get the needs for this week done before we take a break!
Only one so far. . .

Mavis is a sweet elderly woman, and she needs her windows washed. We have all the stuff, and about 4 folks should have a great time at her place :) Please call me if you can help her keep her home beautiful!

Thanks to the kids from Inner Roads of Youth Homes for helping at the garden! Thanks to Isaac for the last minute swoop in to help Rocky! Thanks to the amazing group from The River Community Church in Tennessee for helping Sharon, Amy, Shawn, and Jaylene last week! Thanks to Larry for helping Lula! Thank you to the Missionaries from the LDS Church for helping Phil! Thank you to Jon for mowing for Joan, to the Seagraves for mowing for Brenda, and to the Bowyers for offering to do just about anything for the whole summer! WOW! YOU ARE DOING SO MUCH GOOD! Amazing and wonderful!

Nina 546-4697