Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WOW a lot is covered! Here's what's left. . .

Hi volunteers!
WOW! Thank you to Dillon, Steve, Andrew, Dennis and the Go2Guys for moving Pat downstairs!
And to Shelby for planting for Marlene!
And to Kathy for doing more work at Ellie's!

  • Now we just need a crew for Saturday for April. Anyone available?
  • Help Barb with starting the garden?
  • Can someone go and re-hang Sarah's hanger bar in her closet? She was startled by the sound of it falling!
  • Can anyone pressure wash Maybelle's trailer (she has the washer but says "My arms aren't as strong as they used to be!")
Thanks folks! We are making these people feel less alone with every little thing we do for them :)
Nina 546-4697