Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Help me increase the volunteer pool!

Hi there folks! We have a lot of little needs this week- can you help us find volunteers to help these folks? Our student's have left for the summer, so our active volunteer pool is not quite as full as it was. Even though we have 394 members on facebook and 200 in this group not everyone is an active volunteer. Can you jump in this week if you have been waiting to? Can you find a friend who might want to help out? We need to work together to keep going strong for our neighbors in need - and I need you.
Here's who we have this week:
Maybelle (sweet elderly lady) needs her trailer power washed (she has all the stuff) so the mold on the outside doesn't take over.
Barb (caretaker of her mother with dementia) needs someone to help weed the field behind her house (with an industrial strength weed- wacker that we will rent) Elise can do it but could use a hand.
Marlene, who lost her husband last year (and he was the gardener) needs us to get some plants in the ground for her.
There are, funny enough, two "recliner transports" that need to happen (these folks need them because they have physical ailments that require their feet up or help getting up) We need two people and a truck for each of them.
And finally - does anyone know someone in Arlee who might be willing to give Bob (a veteran) a ride three days a week to dialysis? We have tried every transportation organization out there with no luck and his wife will lose the family business soon if she keeps having to take him (they will lose everything, really.)
Thanks for getting the word out and jumping in this week!
Nina 546-4697

Nina Alviar 
Program Director for IMAGINE MISSOULA