Friday, June 8, 2012

Gardening, Moving and A Goodwill Run

Hi wonderful volunteers!
Can we get some folks to work in Marlene's garden this coming week? She has some plants that still need to go in, and needs a few folks interested in maintenance - weeding, etc. - throughout the summer (Marlene is the sweet lady we have been gardening for since her husband passed away last year, she needs the food and loves the company!)
Also, can we get two moving crews together for next Friday the 15th (it's for Pat who is just moving from upstairs to downstairs) and for Saturday or Sunday, a dear single mother with back injuries who needs to move across town and has no one to help her?
And finally Lois - Her sister is in a nursing home and her husband has Alzheimer’s. Lois needs help removing all things that her sister's husband has stored in the basement and take them to Goodwill.
Let me know if you can help! 546-4697