Monday, June 4, 2012

A Garden for Barb? Curtain Rods for Frederick? Move Pat?

Happy rainy Monday!

WOW did the movers on Saturday have a great time moving Fred and his sister in the rain! They all had a great sense of humor and admired each other for their strength and fortitude! Thanks to Dillon, Emily, Julie, Kathy, and John!

This week, can we start that garden bed for Barb?

Is there someone out there who can hang a few curtain rods and some other minor home improvements with Frederick (he is a very nice guy with a full-time job who is living with developmental delays, and he really wants to learn how to do this stuff!) in the next week or two?

Please put a move on your radar for our elderly friend Pat who is moving from an upstairs unit just downstairs on Friday the 15th of June. She is a great person and promises a treat for the movers (so sweet!)

Let me know if you can help our lovely neighbors! They are such a joy to meet, and I would love for you to have your heart filled like mine when you meet them!

Have a safe, dry evening!
Nina 546-4697