Monday, June 18, 2012

Can you help these folks do the "impossible?"

Happy Monday! Here's some folks we can help this week:

Jackie is a brave and lovely woman living with Multiple Sclerosis, and she and her friend are cleaning out her storage areas so that she can get ready to move into assisted living. She needs us to do a dump run for her by this Wednesday evening. Can you help?

Barb has always wanted a garden near her fence, but since she has been a caregiver for her mother with dementia, she hasn't been able to get one started. Can you help her start a garden and enjoy some beauty?

Maybelle is a strong elderly lady whose "arms aren't what they used to be" and she needs someone to come and pressure wash her trailer before the mold grows. She has the washer and cleaner. Can you help her?

Thank you so much for helping these sweet folks with work that is just impossible for them. Without Imagine Missoula, it would stay impossible! You are making Missoula better and better. . .
Nina 546-4697