Monday, June 11, 2012


Happy Monday folks!

Thank you to Tracy and Jeremy for starting work at Barbs - we still need more help getting that garden started for her! Can you help?

Thanks to Emily and Dax for weeding out at Ellie's - and trying to figure out that darn shed door! (She fell last week trying to do it herself :(

We need more planters for Marlene's garden (just putting in plants) and Emily will be part of the weeding crew for the summer for her (anyone else want to join in?)

And this weekend it a Moving Extravaganza! This Friday we are moving Pat from upstairs to downstairs, and so far we have Dillon and Dennis on it (and the wonderful Go2Guys will move the washer and dryer for us!) More hands for this one would be great!

 Saturday is where we need folks to move April (a single mother with disabilities - her son is working all weekend and cannot help) across town (and someone who can hook up her washer and dryer once it's moved!) It's a biggie, so maybe 6 folks?

Remember to send this to your friends who might want to help - we can use our networks of caring friends to find help for these neighbors even if we cannot do the work ourselves! THAT's Missoula!

Thanks you all,
Nina 546-4697