Monday, May 21, 2012


You have to hear what this woman said to me:
Ellie is 86 and living alone. Her husband passed away years ago and she has not been able to find anyone to help her with keeping up her home (sometimes one neighbor will help out, but he isn't always around.) Her husband won "a roomful" of awards for his volunteering and other community efforts (he founded South Side Lion's Park!) and she has this to say -
"I am crying. I can't believe you exist! Most of my family lives out of town and the neighbors keep changing. My husband gave and gave and gave his whole life and when he died, I found no one to help me. He used to give old ladies like me rides to the grocery store. I have been wondering what is wrong, what happened to people? Well now that I know about you, my faith is renewed that this is still Missoula - people still care."  She kept saying "I am so alone out here. I just need PEOPLE."

Imagine Missoula, this is it. This is why we exist and why we love you. Would you like to be one of the folks that Ellie can call on for help? Let me know.

Also, our friend Sharon needs her post painted (easy peasy) and some light yardwork. Her caregiver is leaving town as well, so when he does we will need to jump in to do some of the things he has been doing (mowing, etc.)

Thanks to Tracy and Jeremy, Tyler, Scott S., the tenacious folks from Inner Roads/Youth Homes, and the gentlemen from Isaac's House in the Bitterroot for your work last week! You are keeping the energy going to keep loving these neighbors.

Good work everyone!!!
Nina Alviar 546-4697