Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Wowza we have a LOT of requests this week!
Good thing we are awesome and have Big-Heart Super Powers!
Our friend Marlene, who we planted a garden for last year after her husband passed away (he used to plant it,) would like us to help her with another one (the food helps her supplement her tiny food budget.)
Lou Ann needs her yard raked (it snowed on the day Rebekah was going to do it last week :)
Mary needs her hoses laid out for her to water and needs her sliding glass door reset on the track.
Helen needs her lawn mowed,
Barb needs her lawn raked and aerated,
Sheila needs her yard (she has potted plants and knick knacks, other stuff) organized,
Fred is a man with heart stints who needs a treadmill (purchased by Scott and Laura! Thank you!) delivered to him in Florence so that he can get his health on track,
Carmen is an elderly woman who's husband has cancer and he keeps tripping on a section of carpet in their hallway. Can you go and trim it for them?
We can do this! One person, one neighbor, one friend at a time :) Call me and tell me what days/times work for you to help these folks and I will get you together. GO IMAGINE MISSOULA!!!
Nina 546-4697

* Update! We have all of the jobs covered except for Carmen and the pesky carpet, Barb's lawn, and Lou Ann's raking job! Let's keep it rolling!!