Friday, April 20, 2012

Mowing, Raking and Beer!

Hi everyone!
I just got this in:
Linda is having neck surgery May 1 and her husband has stage 4 cancer. They do not have not kids to help and have limited disability income. Linda reports that it is a small lawn and she has a mower, and she needs a mow. IM helped them last Oct. when she had stomach surgery, can we help her again?
And we could use a person to mow at Helen's, a person to rake at Sharon's and help for Travis to rake the rest of Lou Ann's (apparently enormous!) yard.
Can you take some time out in the (reportedly) gorgeous weather this weekend to help these folks out?
Let me know!
BTW,  Do you know how much Missoula is loving Imagine Missoula? Allegiance Benefit Plan Management chose us for their "Jean's Day" donation - so generous and so very needed! Thank you so much :)
And there are 12, that's right 12 cases of Limited Edition 2012 All Souls Ale left! Pick up the beer you ordered or grab one (or part!) of these while you still can! Thanks Big Sky Brewing!
Have a great weekend,