Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mowing. . . Help Mary get her groceries. . Keep letting folks know they matter!

Hey there fabulous volunteers!
This week the mowing requests are warming up just like the weather! Can you mow for:
Joyce - she and her husband are elderly, have a small yard and just cannot physically mow it this year. She also needs the water turned on for the trailer so she can water the yard!
Linda is having neck surgery on May 1st and her husband has stage 4 cancer. They have a mower and a small yard too!
Thank you to Jeanne who is mowing for Helen with her own push mower, but she needs someone to come and see if Helen's mower needs a new spark plug (the suspected problem!) and help her fix it.
Then we have Mary! She normally has a volunteer help her shop for groceries every Thursday from 10am to Noon.  Her regular volunteer will be gone from the end of May through June.  Do we have a volunteer who might be able to sub? She also needs a contractor-type to see why the grip on her sliding glass door makes it so hard to open and close.
Thank you to Mark T., Marc C.,Isaac M., and Andrew L. and Bill for moving Mary on Saturday! And at lightning speed :)
Let me know what you can do to help our dear neighbors! Every time we do these simple things for them, we send the precious message "You are not alone, and you matter."
Nina 546-4697
PS "i am missoula" t-shirts are at the MSO Hub store! And there are 12 cases of All Souls Ale left! We have a "donate" button on the website! Spread the word and support this wonderful work, please. :) Thank you!