Monday, April 16, 2012

How to help this week!

Happy Monday Imagine Missoula!
This week, can you help these lovely neighbors in need?

Carmen needs the threads on part of her carpet trimmed so that her husband (who has cancer and other illnesses) stops tripping on them (easy peasy!)

Our dear friend Sharon needs her yard raked (sunny day = get it done!)

Fred and his sister (they are both in their 70's :) need our help moving - they have lost their home. They have two other sisters who are helping them, but they are all in their 70's and have physical limitations, and they need lots of hands and backs on this one! When I met them, I was impressed with how much they all laugh together, even though things are so hard for them right now. We are thinking next Saturday or Sunday (21st or 22nd).

Kathleen called me and told me her hard story, and I went to meet her. When she opened the door we shouted "Oh it's YOU!" and fell crying into each others arms. I have met her (and her babies) before on many occasions (how very Missoula!) She needs folks to go on a schedule to give her rides to her get her children from Ravalli on Friday's at 11 and take them back to her ex on Sundays at 6. I am working on a spreadsheet of people who can help her with these precious twice-a-month visits.

And on April 21st (next Saturday!) we are working with some of our friends from Youth Homes to participate in the Annual Clark Fork Clean Up! If you would like to make Missoula even more beautiful, please contact Jess 552-5297.

A good range of time/effort work this week! Love it. These folks are all delightful. Please let me know as soon as you can if you can help them and I will do the rest. Thank you for being a part of something so simple - it is making a HUGE impact on our town!

Nina Alviar 546-4697