Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you's and upcoming needs (one is really soon!)

Thank you Greg for delivering furniture to our Single Mama friend, and for transferring some stuff to Ruth's new nursing home!
Thank you to Jim for helping Patrick with home repairs!
Thank you to Steve, Julian, Susan, John and Tylyn for helping at Don's next Friday! (and to Jennifer, Penny, Julian and Naomi for helping him get the boxes!)
Now for what's next: Can someone help Chris clean Verna's this Saturday after her move?
Can someone help clean Don's after his move, on Saturday the 31st?
Can someone help with a last minute move for a single woman with mental and physical disabilities move this Monday morning? (Short notice, I know, but she is in a bind!)
I want you to know that I noticed that we are getting a lot of moving requests, and while this is ONE of the things Imagine Missoula helps with, we do much more than that. We seem to go through "seasons" of moving, "seasons" of yard-work, "seasons" of home repairs. I promise that this Moving Season will soon give way to others, and that I (and especially the neighbors we are helping!) appreciate your help - these folks really have no one else.
Let me know if you can help! Nina 546-4697