Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank you! And can you help?

Thank you to Nancy, Naomi, Sue and Morgan for packing Jeanne on Friday and to Casey and Kelly for dropping off supplies!
Thank you to Katrina, James, Mark, Nathan, Matthew, Casey, Shelby, Jeremy and Ron for moving her! That took a village!

She is so happy to be in her nice clean new place. I am always impressed by what it means to be the people folks call who have no one to help them. Jeanne couldn't stop telling me how she just couldn't believe we are here, doing what we do. THAT is being Missoula.

Can two or three folks get Joan's daughter's things out of her room at the care facility and into her storage unit? They want it out of the room so they can open it up to a new patient and Joan cannot do it on her own.

Thank you. I know how valuable your time is, and I am honored to be able to tell folks that you will take some of that time and dedicate it to them :)
(Alex took my phone charger to work with him up in Pablo today :( so email me back about this one :)