Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank you's

Hey all! Just want to shout out some thank yous for this past week:
Bob, for fixing Barb's sink (and the toilet that she never thought could be fixed!)
Colin, Dylan, Kendall, and Travis for helping Janice with getting to appointments and other tasks after her surgery,
Scott for donating flowers for the tea that Yvonne is holding for women living with cancer,
Tom and Marc for working at Sheila's (and continuing to do so!)
To the leads to plumbing help for Bonnie from Liz and Mindy,
and to Kevin at Damage Control for continuing to work with her!
And finally, thank you to Dylan's mom and Jim Bradley for donations to help us keep doing what we do.
This week was full and wonderful! Have a great weekend and thank you all for being the community that "helps people help each other!"