Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts for the Holidays!

You know what makes a great holiday gift? A beautiful Imagine Missoula t-shirt! Men's and women's styles, and you pick the Imagine Missoula Tree or the All Souls Ale art on the back. For Missoula folks living out of town, the "i am missoula" makes them smile! The text on the All Souls Ale shirts reads "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward All" - very holiday-ish! $18 and you support Imagine Missoula's efforts to help those in need in our town. Call or email me and we will get your shirts to you! 406-546-4697
Men's IM shirts come in Grey or Navy, Women's IM shirts have a v-neck and a curvy fit and come in Royal Blue (we are out of XL in this color) and Grey. The All Souls Ale shirts are black and the women's have cap sleeves.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes. . .

You know what was going on this crazy weekend while we were getting wood to the Mama and baby whose furnace was out and getting care arranged for the other Mama who had her little baby a little early?
Dennis and Chelsea were fixing Pat's beloved couch, and Naomi, Kelly, Lora, Sophie, and Nik cleaned Jeanne's and gave her a fresh start so that Missoula Aging Services can get her ongoing help! What an amazing weekend! Your hearts for service are so strong and beautiful. I am honored to work with you, making Missoula even better than it already is. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thank you's, burgers and beer, and a little more help

Thank you Christian, Greg, Andrew, Paul and Scott N. for moving Jim on Monday!

Wanna be on "Team Move?" I am hoping to get specialized teams together that I can reach out to for certain kinds of needs. Let me know if moving (or maybe heavy lifting, should I say :) is your bag (or snow shoveling, or raking, or cleaning, etc!)

I am going to be at the Central tomorrow night for "non-profit social hour." Will you come and have a burger and beer with me? I'd love to get a chance to hang out and get to know you all better! I'll be there at 6:30.

And can we get one more helper for Jeanne's clean up on Saturday around 9a.m.? Let me know! 546-4697


Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA

Friday, November 11, 2011

Well this is unexpected.

Uh-oh, I have some very bad news (hang in there, though, b/c there's a silver lining to this update). It appears that this year's All Souls Ale has been secretly infiltrated by a gang of wild yeast! The result? Serious overcarbonation (right now you open a bottle and it geysers... in a month or two it could be bottles exploding). Yowzers. The entire batch will be lost. :-(

Now for the good news! Fortunately, Big Sky wants to re-brew this exact same beer (minus the bad yeast, of course!), and release this year's All Souls Ale at Easter. Hurray! We're very excited, and we'll keep you in the loop!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank You and This Week's Needs

Thank you thank you Greg, Tyler, Zach, and Victoria for helping with a last minute move! You all swooped in like Superheroes and saved the day!
Today, Mitch, Elise, and Liz are tackling the gardens for Nonda. Jill and Nick are taking care of Marlene's garden this week. We are bringing smiles to these worried faces!
  • Can you or someone you know help Angela replace the board in her deck or the grout in her kitchen tiles? (When it snows, it will be even harder for her kids to see the broken board.)
  • Can you help clean the apartment by next Monday from the move above? (Our new friend, Mellonie, is a grandma caring for her grandchildren who is living with physical ailments and cannot do it herself. Her inspection is on the 14th.)
  • Can you give our friend Barb one last mow and rake her leaves and clippings? (She is our friend who has been a caretaker for her aging father, and now mother, for 17 years.)
When I meet with other service providers in town who refer to us I hear the same thing: we are an invaluable resource for folks who would not get help at all if we weren't here. Wow! Good work!
And save the date for the All Souls Ale release party on December 4th at Big Sky Brewing! Want to help with the party? Pre-order a bottle or a case? Let me know!

Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Friends, Old and New

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying our first sprinkling of snow!

Here are some friends I made this week and an old friend who needs us again:

Angela is a mother of two young children who works full time and whose husband has advanced cancer. She needs someone to replace a rotted board on her deck and re-grout the tiles in her kitchen so that her children are safe.

Nonda lives in a apartment building for seniors. They have a large garden area that needs to be weeded and turned over.

Marlene is the sweet woman who we helped to plant a garden for when her husband was passing away in the Spring. He is gone now, and we need to help her turn the garden over.

And something a bit out of the ordinary - Jeanne has a son who is getting ready to apply for colleges and look for work - and he needs nice clothes to do that! Can you or someone you know spare a gift card for Target so that he can get some dress shoes, pants and some dress shirts?

And now to thank the folks who worked so hard last week to help our neighbors in need:
Paul, Dean, Jack, Katrina, James, Mark, and Nick for moving Christine!
Andrew, Kara, and their friend for moving Judy!
Greg for the roller and Scott and Nik for making Lisa's home wheelchair accessible for her son!
Jim P. for dump runs at Cora's!
Tyler, Sophie and Ellen for wrapping up at Jackie's late brother's apartment!
Beau for continuing to work with Sylvia on her car!

Did you know that Big Sky Brewery, for the second year in a row, has brewed a special beer for us - All Souls Ale (named in honor of the church that started Imagine Missoula) for our annual fundraiser? Yep. And it was bottled last week, waiting to be enjoyed on December 4th at the big release party! You can pre-order a case or a bottle now, all cases ordered receive a t-shirt with the first - ever All Souls Ale label art on the back! It's a great gift, too! Save the date to come to the party - it's a blast! More info to come. . .

Keep making Missoula and even better place!
Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA