Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nina's Back!

Hi there! I hope your August (although a bit smoky) is going well!

THANK YOU to Christian and Naomi for covering Imagine Missoula while I was on vacation. My family and I are refreshed and I am ready to dive back in! As I am checking my many emails and messages, my heart is singing with how much our community loves Imagine Missoula -and all of you, volunteers, are the reason.
Here are a couple of needs for early next week that could use some help-

We need two strong folks to help move this Marilyn Tuesday between 9 and noon. We have everything else we need, so just four more hands will do the trick!

And we need two more strong folks to move Bobbi on Wednesday around 5pm. Just the furniture and some boxes will be left since she and her mom are working hard in advance!

Thanks to Steve B. and Naomi for moving Maryjoice this evening! They need one more strong person to help them. Please call asap!

River City Roots is this weekend and we could use some more folks to help with wristbands and other fun stuff! You get a beer and a cool t-shirt in exchange for helping with one of Missoula's coolest festivals!

I missed Missoula. I was able to tell a lot of folks all across the midwest about Imagine Missoula and the wonderful work we do giving loving relief to our neighbors who otherwise have no-one. They are amazed, and wish that such a thing was available where they live. Maybe, besides the personal good we do in folks lives, our influence will lead others to serve their neighbors in their towns, too. Nice thought, huh?

Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA

Monday, August 8, 2011

Farewell and What's on the Horizon

Hi everyone! I am getting ready to leave tomorrow for a family vacation in the Glorious Midwest! There will be cousins playing together who rarely see each other and it will be loads of fun. I will not be answering the phone or checking email during that time. Here is what I want you to know while I am gone:
  • We are in "minimal operations" mode in my absence, meaning that although we are not shut down, we are laying low. I have told all of the agencies that we work with that we are "off" for a couple of weeks and to hold needs if they can until I get back. There shouldn't be many needs, and if any do come in, they should be easy. Christian will be screening them and putting them off until my return unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you need anything, you can call Christian - 529-5568. He is going to be busy with other things, but will call you when he is able to.
  • Kelly H and Jeni will be hosting the Imagine Missoula Saturday Market table this weekend, and then we need folks to host it after that. Contact Jeni if you would like to help 370-2132.
  • Keep in mind that we have a small move coming up for Saturday, August 27th (after I am back.) We will move Joe from his little apartment to another.If you would like to help please leave a message for me here and I will see it when I get back.
And as always, a moment to thank the volunteers this week. THANK YOU to:
Scott Klaudt and his cousin who will help Jaylene move her stuff out of storage so she has her bed again.
Paul Greenwood and Alex Alviar who cleared the yard of a Missoula Youth Home so that the kids have a nice space.
Ryan Doughty and Emily who joined me to clean Fred and Shirley's today, just in time for the inspection tomorrow!
Justin who will be painting at Sharon's.
Kids and adults from the Inner Roads program of Missoula Youth Homes, Alex Alviar, Rebekah Cryder, Sarah Marshall, Natalie Schmidt, and Angie Beihl who moved Sarah today in record time - she is so happy! Special thanks, also to U-Haul Moving and Storage of Missoula (on Brooks and Strand) for helping us do this at a very low cost! So generous!
And finally, to all the ongoing mowers and yard workers who have "assignments" for the summer, THANK YOU! You are making a connection to folks who have little support without you.

Let's breathe easy and enjoy the last of summer. You are amazing and priceless, with your generous hearts for giving and helping. I will be contactable by email and phone until this evening if you need me. Thank you!


Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA

Thursday, August 4, 2011

THANKS and. . .

Thanks to Paul and Alex for helping this Saturday at Youth Homes! Thanks to Scott K and his cousin for moving Jaylene's stuff out of storage and into her new home tomorrow! Thanks to Angie for helping with Sarah's move on Monday! Thanks to Jim for getting folks to help Kat!

Can you help with the move on Monday so we have a couple more adults?
Can you help with cleaning Fred and Shirley's floors this Saturday or Sunday afternoon?

WOW we have a lot of needs this week (they keep on coming!) But it's gettin' done - because you all are the best volunteers in Missoula. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cooling Down the Pov

From the Poverello Center Inc. fb page -!/pages/Poverello-Center-Inc/139858772019
A HUUUUUGE shoutout to Imagine Missoula (​s/imaginemissoula/) for donating 7 - yes SEVEN - box fans to the Poverello Center! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

-We don't often buy things for folks, but we do if we can. It was a pleasure to answer the call for help at the Pov, go check out their page and support them however you can!

Still Need Help

Hi everyone!
A lovely guy with a very tall ladder will be painting the spot on Sharon's home, but we still need volunteers to meet the other needs posted this week:
  • We need some folks (and hopefully someone with a truck!) to help haul away debris from a Youth Home yard so that they can create a good space for the kids - AND
  • We need folks to help move Sarah. Another Youth Homes group from Inner Roads can help on Monday the 8th, and since that is a workday and you might not be able to make it, let's also try for Saturday the 6th. We can do two runs that way and get her into her new home.
Looking forward to your response!
Be well and happy,

Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thanks and let's keep going!

Thanks to Justin for painting at Sharon's! Now we need some help with the Youth Homes yard and moving Sarah. Let me know!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly Update

Hi everyone!
What a great volunteer orientation on Saturday! Thank you to everyone who attended, and especially to Nedra and Lindsey at Home Health of Montana for hosting and providing the treats, and to Chelsea for presenting about volunteer courses we can take to hone those skills.
And thank you to Malachi and Zach for putting Sharon's storage tent top on (she says she loves us!) to the folks from Journey Campus Ministries for a) painting Cindy's trailer b) fixing Barb's wheelchair ramp and c) painting Diane's house, and to Esther for mowing Joan's yard! You all put in a lot of work and made a big difference for some very sweet folks!
Here's who we can help this week:

Missoula Youth Homes needs a couple of strong volunteers to haul broken pieces of concrete and wood to the dump so that they can make the yard a nice place for the kids to hang out in the Summer weather! Got a truck? Or - Got muscles? Then this job is for you!

Sarah needs to move
out of her home so she can sell it to pay for her deceased son-in-laws medical bills. We will receive help from some kids and adults from Missoula Youth Homes on Monday, August 8th, to move her, but need more folks. I know it's a workday, so if Saturday the 6th is better for you, let me know and maybe we can do it in two runs!

Sharon (who, as stated above, loves us) is in need of painting in a small area under the eave of her home. Tall ladder required, she has the paint!

And finally, but just as important, I met a man today living with disabilities who lives with his mother in a small apartment. They need it cleaned before an inspection next week, so that they don't lose their home. It needs the floors mopped, the carpets shampooed (Imagine Missoula will rent the shampooer) and the bathroom cleaned (the son will clean the toilet.) Please let me know if you can help them before the inspection on the 9th. They keep it as clean as they can, and work hard, but need a little extra help for this meticulous inspection.

A couple of last things: I will be going to Michigan for our family vacation on August 9th, and will return on the 25th. During that time, we could use a couple of volunteers to staff the Saturday Market table! It's a fun way to hang out and meet Missoulians and travelers and tell them all about our little non-profit. Call me asap if you want to be at the table! Also, during that time, we will be running "minimal operations" so take a breath and enjoy the last two weeks of summer, too! If you need anything urgent, you can call Christian and he will get back to you when he can - 406-529-5568.

Thank you for all you do! Let's keep supporting these wonderful friends and neighbors right here in Missoula. They need just a little to feel a whole lot of community support.


Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA