Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Week at Imagine Missoula

Hi friends!
This past week, Ron and Zach B. went above and beyond the call of duty and not only removed the hide-a-bed from Jeannine's brother's apartment, they picked up the new bed for him so he would have a nice new place to sleep after he gets home from the hospital! Lovely.
Dan Bennett, our favorite mechanic (call me for his number if you need repairs, he is great and less than the shops!) checked out Janine's car to see if we can fix it for her, and then Nick T. mowed her lawn.
Speaking of mowing - Kristen K., Liz, Jeremiah and Nick will be continuing to mow for Janine, Lillian, Joan and Brenda all summer. Way to go Team Mow!
Able Tree Service helped Renee remove a tree from her roof for free. After Natalie J. collected about a million boxes for the move on Saturday, folks from SHEC and I spent six hours moving Debra to her new home and new chance at a better life. Community in Missoula is still going strong!
And finally - a big shout out to the 15 or so volunteers (I don't know everyone who was there, so I won't name names in case I leave someone out, but you know who you are!) who helped fill and place sandbags for the neighborhood in flood danger on Sunday afternoon on short notice. Great work!

Call me at 546-4697 if you can meet a need this week:

Debra, who we helped move last Saturday, needs some repairs on her new home (her back door won't latch and part of the gutters need replacing, among other little things)

Sharon, who Ron and Naomi helped move into her new place a few weeks ago, needs a small couch and small table with two chairs picked up from the Curiosity Shop and delivered to her apartment on Saturday afternoon.

We are still on alert for sandbag filling and placing, and we are listed on Missoula 911 and other emergency sites as back up for the City. Keep your galoshes handy!

I had a chance to meet with Matt Hisel at Home Resource, and not only do we have an account there so that we can get the things we need to do our work more easily, they also offer classes that our volunteers will love through their ReVamp program! Check out these class titles: Basic Plumbing, Door Hanging 101, Tile Shower Installation. They offer classes that can benefit anyone, but especially Imagine Missoula volunteers who go out and do odd jobs for the folks who contact us. Plus, they offer sliding scale fees for the classes - woot! Check them out at: http://www.homeresource.org/revamp/spring-2011-classes, and tell 'em you're from Imagine Missoula!

Have a great week!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

June 7th Wins!

The polls are closed - we will be painting Sharon's fence on the 7th at 4pm. Come in costume if you like, but cape and mask not required!
I will give more details closer to the date! And keep signing up for the job if you want to!
Thank you all,

Last Chance To Pick!

Hey there,
This is the last chance to pick the 1st or the 7th of June at 4pm to help paint Sharon's fence with the Superheroes of Kindness! Let me know today!

Also, can anyone help with getting boxes to Debra's house for her move Saturday? Just to pick them up and drop them off on the deck would be great.

And lastly,
IM Night Out has been moved to the first and third Thursday of the month, so not this week but next. Don't worry, I'll remind you!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Talents to Share

Q: What's the catch when you receive help from Imagine Missoula? (Well, besides the fact that there is no catch!) A: We invite you to help someone else!

We believe that it is tremendously empowering for folks in need to have the opportunity to give as well as to receive. And the organic, relational nature of Imagine Missoula means that just about anyone can be a volunteer. This is the spot to find talents that these folks want to give back. If you want to get in touch with anyone on this list, call Nina at 546-4697.
  • Need your pants hemmed? Brenda can sew for you!
  • Art projects and jewelery making are Renee's passions. Need a logo designed?
  • Shawn has tons of experience with non- profits and can hook you up to read newspapers on the radio for folks who cannot read.
  • Terry loves to teach folks how to use the internet (like your Grandpa!)
  • Barb can compose and type a letter for you. Let her put your thoughts into the words you long to say.

IM and the Superheroes in the Missoulian!

Check out this article from the Missoulian this morning!! A big thank you to Kristal Burns for inviting Imagine Missoula to join forces with the superheroes!

We are going to be joining forces with the SHOK at 4 in the afternoon on June 1st or 7th to paint Sharon's fence. Whichever gets more volunteers will be the day. Let me know as soon as possible which day works better for you to show Sharon your superpowers! I promise you can wear whatever you want :)

And one more thing - SHEC is coordinating volunteers for us to move a lady this Saturday (the pack and move is too big for Imagine Missoula), and our only job is to get boxes to her house in the Rattlesnake by then. Can anyone help me gather them and get them there?

Let's continue to be an example of kindness,

Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Help This Week!

Hey friends!

First of all - a big thank you to Liz and Fabian for mowing Joan's yard, and to Jeremiah for mowing Brenda's and working on her mower! We need a couple more folks to join the Mowing Team, because two other ladies need mowing as well. Let me know if you can get into the rotation - and if you have a vehicle to transport mowers to the ladies homes who do not have them.

Thank you to Wes and Scott for delivering the lift chair to Shawn, organizing his furniture and - get this! - Scott took the extra time to get Shawn's computer up and running so he can be in contact with his family. Above and beyond!

Thank you to Ryan for fixing Earl's leaky pipe and replacing Joan's doorknob! She can use her front door for the first time in years!

And thank you to Rebekah for sanding Barb's railing! Now we can repair the wheelchair ramp!

Now on to the new needs for the week - find one or two that grab you, call me for details (546-4697) and jump on in!

Jeannine's brother, who is disabled, is on his way home from the hospital, and she is trying to make his home nicer. She needs help getting a hide a bed out and hauled off to the dump this week (before he get's back - she wants to get him a new couch!)

Janene needs someone who knows about cars to check out her car and let her know what kind of repairs it needs - and fix it if they can.

Sharon needs her side of the fence painted! We are going to do this with the Super Heroes of Kindness! Check out the link when you get a chance - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/20/huffpost-greatest-person-kristal-burns-superheroes_n_864784.html) I will send out a couple of dates/times to choose from tomorrow! After the new article about IM and the SHOK comes out that is!

Meeting these folks every week, hearing their stories - both of the needs they have and of their lives - and sharing a hug or a laugh is the most precious part of my job. Having caring, hard- working volunteers meet their needs is one of the most precious moments of their lives. You, volunteers, are peace in action in the lives of those who need peace. Thank you for all you do!



Thursday, May 19, 2011


Thank you Liz, Kirsten K., Nick T. and Jeremiah for taking on the mowing work and becoming Imagine Missoula's first Mowing Team!

Thank you Rebekah for sanding the handrail for Barb!

Thank you Wes and Scott for bringing Shawn his lift chair today!

Let's see if we can replace that doorknob for Joan and do some concrete work for Sharon. Call me if you can help with these.

And come to the Central tonight at 6:30 for a beer and a burger! I'll be there!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Mowing and more at Imagine Missoula this week!

Hey friends!
A big thank you to Scott N., Kelly H., Nick T., Micah and Sarah for moving Jaylene and her family next week! Many hands make short work, and she is so grateful!!
Here are some new folks to meet this week - who we can help as Missoula neighbors helping neighbors:

Brenda is an elderly lady who needs her lawn mowed every three to four weeks. Simple, eh?

Joan is also and elderly lady who needs her lawn mowed - and she needs the mower taken to be repaired. She threw in a sweet deal - the person who mows can keep the lawn mower for the summer! She also needs her front door handle fixed, she can't open it, and she has to use the back door to get in/out.

Barb is a lady who Wes has been helping with various jobs around her house while she lives an isolated life as a caretaker for her elderly mother. Scott aerated her lawn as well. She needs someone to sand and treat her railing so that Wes can fix the wheelchair ramp. Really quick and easy - we can rent a sander if you don't have one!

Sharon is an elderly lady who needs concrete work done behind her house - the water runs from her back door into the garage! After Greg inspected it with me, we figured a french drain and putting a different slope on the concrete would do the trick. We need someone skilled for this one! If you or someone you know can lend their expertise, let me know!

Here's an off-chance need, but why not ask? Anyone know how to install parts into and inspect a hot tub? Victoria uses hers for physical therapy after surgery on her central nervous system and she has a broken heater and light. Let me know . . .

You are all doing wonderful work! People from agencies like Missoula Aging Services and Winds of Change are singing our praises, and of course, so are the folks we are helping. Our reputation for friendly, efficient and timely care for our neighbors in need is spreading like wildfire! We are making friends who are calling us again and again because they know they can rely on us for help, and they are offering their time and talents to help others. We are changing lives, one person at a time.

Call me if you can help with the jobs for this week, 546-4697 - and come out Thursday to the Central at 6:30 to grab a beer with me!
Peace to you,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly update

Hey folks!

I have a couple of new folks for you to meet this week, and one lady you have already met. Last week, we helped a lady move into her new apartment, we found rides for an elderly woman who needed to get to the store for food, and we are working on small projects around the homes of a couple of folks who have not had this kind of loving support in years! We are truly making a difference in our city. Let's keep it going!

This week:

Jaylene is getting ready for her move this weekend. We still need 4-6 volunteers to help her get some of her things into storage and some to her hotel room (she is going into transitional housing to avoid homelessness with her four children.) Her partner can help, we are getting the U-Haul, and we just need some folks to move the stuff. If Saturday doesn't work for you, we might be able to pull it off on Thursday. Let me know asap, please!

Rhonda lives with clinical depression. She has been immobilized by the illness, and her home has fallen into disarray. She needs us to come an tidy it, throw away trash, and to pick up and deliver beds for her two children (who she is waiting to have returned to the home when it is cleaned and ready.) Help us make a home for her family so that she can live a better life and continue her treatment . 6-8 volunteers, about three hours.

Sharon is an elderly lady who needs concrete work done around her home. I need someone who knows how to assess the work to come with me and check it out, so we can see how we can help her. Know someone who can join me?

If you have a friend (or more!) who would like to join you on one of these jobs, invite them along! The more we spread the word about Imagine Missoula to our friends and neighbors, the more volunteers we will have to meet these needs for these wonderful folks. If they (or you!) have any questions about Imagine Missoula, or if you can help a person listed above, call me 406-546-4697. Thank you for all you do!

Can't wait to hear from you!
Have a great week!

Monday, May 2, 2011

This week. . .

Hi friends,

I have a question for you . . . Do you have a truck? Sometimes we receive requests for small moves, dump runs, and other jobs that do not require a U-Haul, but a pick up would be perfect. If you do, can you give me a call or an email so that I can ask you specifically when we have a need like that? Thanks!!

Here are the folks I'd like you to meet this week! We can help:
  • Jaylene is a lady with physical disabilities who has to move into transitional housing with her partner and four children (two of whom are mentally ill) on the 14th of May. Some of her things go into storage and some goes to the hotel. We need 4-6 volunteers to move her, and her partner will help. Imagine Missoula will rent a U-Haul for the day.

  • Shawn is a gentleman we met a couple of weeks ago who still needs two volunteers to arrange the empty furniture he is navigating around in his small apartment. He also will need a lift chair picked up for him and delivered when his paperwork at the Salvation Army goes through. He is living with mental and physical disabilities.
If you can help any of our friends above, please call Nina at 546-4697. And remember, Thursday nights at the Central join us for Imagine Missoula's Night Out! We gather casually for a beer (and a tasty burger -they have a happy hour special until seven!) at 6:30. You can stay for the trivia at 8!

Thank you, volunteers, as always, for making Missoula a better place - by meeting one need at a time.