Monday, April 25, 2011

IM Night Out!

Hey volunteers! We are beginning a new tradition for Imagine Missoula this Thursday, at 6:30pm, at the Central Bar and Grill (and every Thursday after that!) Come have a beer (or a soda) with your Imagine Missoula friends, and if you want to, stay for the trivia at 8. They have fantastic burgers, too, just so ya know :)
See you there, and call Nina if you want more info 546-4697.
The Central is across the street from that fancy new building on Broadway and Ryman, at 143 W. Broadway.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Clark Fork River Cleanup! (2011) - Photos!

Hey friends - thought you might enjoy seeing some of the photos from the Clark Fork River Cleanup this past week! Kudos to Micah Cryder (for the photography) and to all of you who helped make this possible! Well done folks! Way to help imagine a more beautiful Missoula!

Folks we can serve this week

Hi everyone!
This past week, we built a fence for Charlie, we raked Dorothy's yard, and we cleaned the Clark Fork with our friends. You are amazing, and the people you help are so grateful!
Here are some of the folks I met last week, allow me to introduce you:

Shawn is a physically and mentally disabled man who needs us to pick up a "lift chair" for him from the Salvation Army and deliver it to his apartment. He also needs us to arrange his furniture for him and help him unpack.

Barb has been a caretaker for her aging parents for 17 years. She needs us to rake and aerate her lawn so that the lawn care folks can treat it. If we can, she would love to have a garden space raked and weeded so that she can have a peaceful break in her life by tending it.

Wyona is a sweet elderly lady who wants us to help her plant strawberries and do some other work for her in her beloved gardens.

Penny is a friend of ours who needs us to clean up her yard by picking up pieces of broken windows and taking them to the dump. The windows have been replaced.

Call Nina for more information about how to help these folks - 546-4697.

It's awesome to see the work in progress on other needs from last week. This week, for example, we are widening a door so our 100 year old friend (!) can get into her bathroom in her wheelchair. We are truly changing lives by empowering and befriending our neighbors in our town. Thank you for all you do!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clark Fork River Cleanup! (2011)

Clark Fork Cleanup - 2010
Hey friends - it's that time of the year again, when we all get together to help the great folks at Clark Fork Coalition cleanup the river!

Last year we had over 30 volunteers and we cleaned up a BIG chunk of the river just east of the California Street Walking Bridge. This year, it looks like we'll have the same section. And this will be the first year we've actually done it as Imagine Missoula! Hurray! Hopefully, there will be more of us than ever!

The cleanup takes about 3 hours, and it's a great way to get together with friends and family to help make our community a better place. Plus there's a BBQ in Caras Park afterward! :-)
  • DETAILS: Meet at Caras Park under the big tent @ 9:45 AM this Saturday, April 16 to find the team and register (Jess Folmar ~ 552-5297 is the point person, and we could use a couple of other folks to help her)
  • RSVP: on facebook or by email (
  • KIDS: Yes! This is a GREAT event to bring your kids to! They'll have a blast and learn to value our environment at the same time!
That's pretty much it! You can help us by spreading the word and joining us on Saturday! Hope to see you all there! (ps - you can click here to view the photos from last year's cleanup...)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ways to Help This Week

Hi Friends!
First of all, I'd like to take a minute to introduce myself! I am Nina Alviar, the new Outreach Coordinator for Imagine Missoula. I am now your contact person for all things - from reporting a job that you did, requesting more info about posted work and I am the person to bring needs to. I visit the folks before this list is posted, unless the work involves something that I need a skilled person to check out. I will be gathering supplies whenever possible for the jobs so that you hit the ground running when you show up. One of my goals is to make volunteering for Imagine Missoula easier and more enjoyable for volunteers.
Now it's your turn! Shoot me an email ( and tell me who you are, what kinds of skills you have/what you like to do, and anything else you'd like me to know about you. We are planning a party soon so that I can meet and celebrate all of you face to face. Stay tuned!
This week, I have been having a blast meeting the folks who call us for help, and I'd like to introduce you to them now, along with what they need:

1. Dorothy: She needs a simple raking job done around her trailer. Would take two or three volunteers about two hours tops. Call Nina 405-546-4697 to help.

2. Charlie : He is an 81 year old man who could really use a helping hand installing a 45' section of chain link fence. He has all the materials, posts will be in place. We really just need 4-5 guys who can help stretch the fence and install it. Should only take about 2 hours max. A great Saturday project! Call Nina 405-546-4697 to help

3. Terry: This one needs to be made very clear. She lives in a dirty, run down trailer with mold and water damage. She has had cats who have been ill in her home and some of the rooms are simply "closed." She has asked us for nothing more than to bag up trash inside the trailer, and make piles and put into bins the books and other belongings which are filling her living room. She does not want us to clean, nor do any repairs (she is in dispute with her landlord about these things, and does not want to pawn off responsibility.) Terry has been ill and unable to keep up with her home and her cats and want to make her trailer as live-able as possible again. This job requires folk who are not pregnant or becoming pregnant soon because the cats have been ill. It requires wearing masks to protect from mold (provided my I.M.) and the commitment to help her requires that she does some prep and clean up before we arrive. It requires alimited amount of time (two hours tops) and she as agreed. Anything we can do to help this woman who is living, right here in Missoula, in such unbearable conditions would be the real meaning of Mercy. Call Nina 405-546-4697 to help

4. Annaleis: Her husband walked out on her and her 12 year old daughter. And he left them with a leaky bathtub faucet, a leaky kitchen sink and a door that needs a new knob and hardware. Ryan checked it out with me and here's what we determined: One person with plumbing skills could prob. finish the kitchen and the bathtub in about an hour and a half each. Would not need to do both at once. If you are interested in this project and would like more details, please contact Ryan at 624-9619. Annaleis is going to Home Resource to try to match the hardware she needs for the door. For this task, call Nina 546-4697.

Last week, we turned on water in a woman's trailer, we helped an elderly lady pack a u-haul, and we made Macy's windows shine so beautifully the art displayed in them looked amazing for First Friday.
Let's see what we can do, together, this week, to make Missoula a more wonderful place - one person at a time.
Thank you for all you do!