Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank You and This Week's Needs

Thank you thank you Greg, Tyler, Zach, and Victoria for helping with a last minute move! You all swooped in like Superheroes and saved the day!
Today, Mitch, Elise, and Liz are tackling the gardens for Nonda. Jill and Nick are taking care of Marlene's garden this week. We are bringing smiles to these worried faces!
  • Can you or someone you know help Angela replace the board in her deck or the grout in her kitchen tiles? (When it snows, it will be even harder for her kids to see the broken board.)
  • Can you help clean the apartment by next Monday from the move above? (Our new friend, Mellonie, is a grandma caring for her grandchildren who is living with physical ailments and cannot do it herself. Her inspection is on the 14th.)
  • Can you give our friend Barb one last mow and rake her leaves and clippings? (She is our friend who has been a caretaker for her aging father, and now mother, for 17 years.)
When I meet with other service providers in town who refer to us I hear the same thing: we are an invaluable resource for folks who would not get help at all if we weren't here. Wow! Good work!
And save the date for the All Souls Ale release party on December 4th at Big Sky Brewing! Want to help with the party? Pre-order a bottle or a case? Let me know!

Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA