Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts for the Holidays!

You know what makes a great holiday gift? A beautiful Imagine Missoula t-shirt! Men's and women's styles, and you pick the Imagine Missoula Tree or the All Souls Ale art on the back. For Missoula folks living out of town, the "i am missoula" makes them smile! The text on the All Souls Ale shirts reads "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward All" - very holiday-ish! $18 and you support Imagine Missoula's efforts to help those in need in our town. Call or email me and we will get your shirts to you! 406-546-4697
Men's IM shirts come in Grey or Navy, Women's IM shirts have a v-neck and a curvy fit and come in Royal Blue (we are out of XL in this color) and Grey. The All Souls Ale shirts are black and the women's have cap sleeves.