Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank You and This Week's Needs

Hi everyone!
Wow what a great week!
Our friends Brody and Michael in Stevensville are working hard to help their neighbors have running water and a safe dry home for the winter. Greg, Josh and Lea and jumped on a last minute moving job and got it done lightning fast. Debra, Lora, Sophie and Amanda rocked it at Jackie's on Sunday and helped her clear out her deceased brother's apartment. And the folks who helped Bill move the week before remembered his birthday and sent him well wishes and his favorite cheeseburger!

That is what we are - a little nonprofit, yes, but more than that, we are a COMMUNITY of neighbors in Missoula. We are a multifaceted and energetic group of volunteers, a network of supporters, the folks at the agencies in town who refer to us, and the folks we help as they show us what it means to serve, and who in turn join in to pass on help to another.

Here are some folks we can help this week (this is a big week, time for "all hands on deck!":

Christina is a single mother living with her little son and a roommate who was recently in a car accident. The ladies need to move this coming weekend. Four or so volunteers should do the trick. Then they will have a home where this little boy will have a yard to run in - how wonderful!

Lisa has a five year old boy who is going to have surgery that will keep him in a wheelchair for three months. He needs us to move things around to make his home more accessible for his wheelchair - moving a piano and taking apart bunk beds are the only requests. Two volunteers for this one.

Bonnie is a single mother living with her mentally ill daughter - and she has discovered a leak behind her bathroom wall. We have a person who has found the leak, and can fix the drywall, but we are having a VERY hard time finding a plumber to do the work. If you or someone you know is willing to donate plumbing services, please let me know right away.

and finally. . .

Judy is a volunteer coordinator from another agency in town, and she is in a bind herself! She needs two or so folks to help her move this weekend, she has the u-haul and just needs some extra hands. The friends that she has are all injured or unable to help her. Let's help a fellow servant get back some of what she gives!

It's a big week. It's true. But soon the leaves will fall and we will be raking and shoveling snow, doing some of the smaller and more "fun" work. THIS work is the stuff that brings us together as a community of giving and serving - why not grab the other volunteers on your job and go out for lunch, dinner or a beer together afterwards to celebrate hard work well done? Enjoy each other and your common interest in helping make Missoula even better than it already is.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA