Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Week at Imagine Missoula

Hi Everyone!
I want to start by thanking the fantastic volunteers who helped folks last week! It was extraordinarily busy and you rocked it.
Thank you Naomi, Steve B., Sarah K., Christian, Travis, Ben K., Andrew L., Alex, James M., John M., Ryan, Greg S. and crew, for your amazing work moving folks last week!
Thank you Todd A. and friend for helping Hilda, thank you Elise for helping Fay with her tree trimming and thank you Jim A. for helping with Barb's window!

Here is who we can help this week:

Diane needs a bar and special shower head installed to make bathing safer for her, and someone to change out her light bulbs and and wipe down the fixtures.

Joe needs someone to help change out his dryer adapter or somehow make it so that he can plug in his dryer (he has a four prong and the socket is for three - electrician friends?) Also he needs help sliding the washer and dryer into place.

Lillian and Brenda no longer have folks who can mow for them for the rest of the warm weather. They need someone who can bring a mower to their homes to do the jobs.

Finally, guess what?? Now you can get your All Souls Ale t-shirt and pre-order your very own bottle (or case!) or the new All Souls Ale right at Big Sky Brewery! Go and hoist a pint in support of our biggest supporter! Prost!

Have a great week! I look forward to hearing from you. . .
Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA