Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly Update

Hi everyone!
What a great volunteer orientation on Saturday! Thank you to everyone who attended, and especially to Nedra and Lindsey at Home Health of Montana for hosting and providing the treats, and to Chelsea for presenting about volunteer courses we can take to hone those skills.
And thank you to Malachi and Zach for putting Sharon's storage tent top on (she says she loves us!) to the folks from Journey Campus Ministries for a) painting Cindy's trailer b) fixing Barb's wheelchair ramp and c) painting Diane's house, and to Esther for mowing Joan's yard! You all put in a lot of work and made a big difference for some very sweet folks!
Here's who we can help this week:

Missoula Youth Homes needs a couple of strong volunteers to haul broken pieces of concrete and wood to the dump so that they can make the yard a nice place for the kids to hang out in the Summer weather! Got a truck? Or - Got muscles? Then this job is for you!

Sarah needs to move
out of her home so she can sell it to pay for her deceased son-in-laws medical bills. We will receive help from some kids and adults from Missoula Youth Homes on Monday, August 8th, to move her, but need more folks. I know it's a workday, so if Saturday the 6th is better for you, let me know and maybe we can do it in two runs!

Sharon (who, as stated above, loves us) is in need of painting in a small area under the eave of her home. Tall ladder required, she has the paint!

And finally, but just as important, I met a man today living with disabilities who lives with his mother in a small apartment. They need it cleaned before an inspection next week, so that they don't lose their home. It needs the floors mopped, the carpets shampooed (Imagine Missoula will rent the shampooer) and the bathroom cleaned (the son will clean the toilet.) Please let me know if you can help them before the inspection on the 9th. They keep it as clean as they can, and work hard, but need a little extra help for this meticulous inspection.

A couple of last things: I will be going to Michigan for our family vacation on August 9th, and will return on the 25th. During that time, we could use a couple of volunteers to staff the Saturday Market table! It's a fun way to hang out and meet Missoulians and travelers and tell them all about our little non-profit. Call me asap if you want to be at the table! Also, during that time, we will be running "minimal operations" so take a breath and enjoy the last two weeks of summer, too! If you need anything urgent, you can call Christian and he will get back to you when he can - 406-529-5568.

Thank you for all you do! Let's keep supporting these wonderful friends and neighbors right here in Missoula. They need just a little to feel a whole lot of community support.


Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA