Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nina's Back!

Hi there! I hope your August (although a bit smoky) is going well!

THANK YOU to Christian and Naomi for covering Imagine Missoula while I was on vacation. My family and I are refreshed and I am ready to dive back in! As I am checking my many emails and messages, my heart is singing with how much our community loves Imagine Missoula -and all of you, volunteers, are the reason.
Here are a couple of needs for early next week that could use some help-

We need two strong folks to help move this Marilyn Tuesday between 9 and noon. We have everything else we need, so just four more hands will do the trick!

And we need two more strong folks to move Bobbi on Wednesday around 5pm. Just the furniture and some boxes will be left since she and her mom are working hard in advance!

Thanks to Steve B. and Naomi for moving Maryjoice this evening! They need one more strong person to help them. Please call asap!

River City Roots is this weekend and we could use some more folks to help with wristbands and other fun stuff! You get a beer and a cool t-shirt in exchange for helping with one of Missoula's coolest festivals!

I missed Missoula. I was able to tell a lot of folks all across the midwest about Imagine Missoula and the wonderful work we do giving loving relief to our neighbors who otherwise have no-one. They are amazed, and wish that such a thing was available where they live. Maybe, besides the personal good we do in folks lives, our influence will lead others to serve their neighbors in their towns, too. Nice thought, huh?

Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA