Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Help This Week!

Hi all!
Thank you and welcome to our new members! We will be hosting a Volunteer Orientation Breakfast on July 30th at 10am - 11:30am. Location still in the works, but put this on your calendar as a chance to meet me (and for me to meet YOU!,) ask questions, have them answered and learn more about what it means to be a volunteer for Imagine Missoula! We will wrap up with a short presentation from our friend who works in Emergency Services as she leads us to free trainings to prepare us for big disaster events (like floods.) Come and have some coffee and a treat!
What a great week - thank you Jim A. for putting in Heather's AC unit (and for doing all the carpentry to make it work!) thank you Nick T. for taking care of Janene's yard, to Catherine H. and Penny L. for making Marlene's garden and life more beautiful, to all the Superheroes, their parents, and Penny M. and Catherine H. for painting Sharon's fence, and finally thank you to Angie B., Tara I. and Paisley for helping to sell Receding Waters Blend Coffee to raise money for the Missoula flood victims!

Call me if you can meet a need this week:

We still need someone with a lawnmower that they can transport to mow for Lillian for the rest of the Summer. Let me know if you want to help, but don't have a mower or a truck to transport one. We will work something out!

Sharon needs two folks to take about 10 minutes to throw the new top onto her tent she uses for storage and tie it down. That's an easy one!

And Michelle, a single mother, needs someone to change out her snow tires for her (she just received a citation for them that she can't afford.) She also needs someone to get the "something" that is stuck out of her washing machine. She needs our help as soon as possible.

Did you see the new amazing Imagine Missoula t-shirts? They were selling themselves at the markets this weekend - they are so beautiful and eye catching they speak for themselves! The proceeds from the t-shirts (which are only $18!) go toward helping us continue to help our neighbors. Come down to the Saturday Market this week and buy yours!

Thank you, wonderful volunteers!


Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA