Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Community Groups to the Rescue!

Good news!
I received a phone call from a guy named Greg who got our number from Andrea at the Office of Civic Engagement on campus. He said he had a church group coming in from Illinois (connected to Convergence Church in Missoula,) and they wanted some big service projects to do. Yipee!! They will be painting Cindy's trailer and Diane's house! If you would like to join them (just met them last night and chatted about how to volunteer with Imagine Missoula - they are super nice folks) let me know. There is always room for more hands!

AND I also received a call from Amy at Missoula Youth Homes and they would like to send a group of kids from their Inner Roads program (with adults, too) to help move Sarah on the 8th! We still need to have some Imagine Missoula volunteers there to drive the u-haul and carry the heavier stuff.

It is always amazing to get offers for help from great organizations in Missoula. Come to one of these jobs and meet these wonderful folks!
Oh, and remember to RSVP to the Orientation on Saturday!

Have a great day!

Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA