Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sandbagging on Tower (URGENT NEED)

Hey folks, we have received an urgent request for help! As you probably know, the river is rising fast with rain and snowmelt over the past couple of days. Some folks have had to leave their homes already, and the forecast is for the river to rise another two feet by this time tomorrow! Yowza.

The Sheriffs / County are working on the situation, but they could use extra manpower.
  1. If you'd like to help out, grab your boots (and maybe a friend or two!) and take 3rd St west past Reserve - turn right on Tower Road and you'll see folks working.
  2. We've created an event on facebook - please SHARE this event on your profile and INVITE your friends to attend. Help us spread the word!
  3. Please check the Imagine Missoula facebook page for updates (or to post progress reports).
  4. Questions, call Nina at 546-4697.